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Low Fat Diet Sheet – Foods That You Should Eat

The common perception of a low fat diet sheet that contains the necessary food for a dieter following a low fat diet plan is that it will be filled with food that is bland and boring.  Furthermore, since people think that most food has fat, there would be little variety in this sheet.  The truth is low fat foods can come in lots of forms, so anyone who wants to follow a low fat diet should not be worried of being bored with food options available.

Looking into the list would start with the first meal of the day, of course, breakfast.  Wholemeal bread, oats, high fiber cereals and wholegrain pasta and rice are preferred.  White flour and bread and low fiber rice and pasta, as well as biscuits should be taken very moderately.  Pastries and puddings should be avoided.

A low fat diet sheet will not be complete without the staples of a healthy diet – fruits and vegetables.  Fresh and frozen vegetables, as well as dried and baked legumes, baked potatoes without anything added and walnuts should be consumed regularly, as they have no or little fat.  Avocadoes, olives, pears, almonds, hazelnuts and pecans should be consumed in moderation.  Fried potatoes such as French fries, potato chips, roasted peanuts, Brazil nuts and coconuts should be avoided.

In terms of meat, fish, lean white meat in chicken turkey, rabbit, game and veal can be eaten regularly,.  Those that should be moderately eaten are shellfish, liver, kidney, ham, beef, lamb and pork.  Fishroe, caviar, sausages, duck and goose should be avoided.

A low fat diet sheet may also contain dairy, but only low fat yoghurt egg whites, skim milk and cottage or curd cheese.  Most cheeses can be eaten, but in moderation, while whole milk, cream cheese and cream should not be eaten at all.

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