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Low Fat Diets For Weight Loss

Whenever we want to lose weight we hear “you need to be on a
low fat diet for weight loss.” Although this may be true and
will help you lose weight you need to be careful with your
diet plan. This article will help educate you regarding
healthy eating that will provide a lifetime of reducing your
body fat and keeping you healthy.

If you’ve tried to lose weight before with a fad diet plan
you’ve probably experienced weight loss, then weight gain,
then loss, then gain again. Typically those fad diets that
take you to one extreme or the other will not work in the
long run, only in the short term. Diets of this nature can
also put your health at risk simply by restricting certain
nutrients from your daily routine.

There is nothing wrong with eating a low fat diet but you
need to remember that we all need some fat in our diets.
There are different kinds of fats that we consume and this is
where many people become confused. Saturated fat is the bad
fat. This is the stuff that leads to high cholesterol, heart
disease, clogged arteries, heart attack and/or stroke. This
is the stuff that you want to stay away from or significantly
limit from your diet. Mono and polyunsaturated fat is the
good kind of fat. This is the type of fat that you want to
consume in your diet when possible. So when you are eating a
low fat diet it means reduce the amount of saturated fat that
you eat.

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Low fat diets for weight loss conflict with low carb diets.
One of the main points of conflict is that low carb diets are
higher in fat. The common belief is that a diet that is
higher in fat will predispose you to heart disease. Research
has shown that diets that support lower carbs and higher fat
content did not significantly increase someone’s risk of
developing heart disease compared to low fat diets. The same
research found that diets that were high in refined sugars
and carbohydrates and lower in fiber did have a link to
greater risk of heart disease. It further showed that to
decrease the risk of heart disease a diet that derived fat
and protein mostly from vegetables was the best choice.

A low fat diet for weight loss may be a common method for
people to use to lose weight but it may not be the healthiest
choice. You have many options to choose from when trying to
drop some pounds. If you want to maximize your health at the
same time a diet with increased vegetables may be of benefit.

Peter Harris is an author and workout enthusiast. He writes
frequently about topics pertaining to health and wellness.
He is affiliated with Vince Delmonte, author and owner of
No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane
Muscle Gain. Both authors teach about the health concerns
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