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Make Your Nails Healthy and Glowing by taking Care of the Nails

Nails are the vital part of hand that needs special care and attention to maintain the overall beauty of the hand. It is extremely important to take care of nail as far as personal grooming is concerned as unhealthy and ugly nails can just destroy one appearance in spite of designer clothes and good make up. Healthy and clear nails add to the beauty of the hand and are pleasure to behold. Made up of hard protein called keratin nails also provide protection to the ends of the fingers and toes.  Earlier the nail care was just restricted to quick file and polish but today nail care has come a long way and include proper nourishment of the nail by taking due care of the nail and avoiding excessive contact with the material that cause damage to the nail. Today nail care involves regular cleaning of nails, treating the cuticles and keeping it well moisturized.

A proper care of the nails will not only make the nails look clean and healthy but it will also make the hand and feet look good and well kept. For a hand to look beautiful it is important that the nails are strong and healthy. In order to achieve this one can also seek professional manicure service from the beauty saloon that makes the nails look good and healthy. There has been a huge advancement in the beauty care and treatment that can turn even the ugliest nails into a healthy and good looking nails. The best and easy way of taking care of the nails is by introducing important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in one meal to makes the nails strong and healthy. Eating food rich in silicon like fish, onions, and broccoli and food rich in biotins like whole grains result in the healthy and strong nails. Along with these foods, drinking plenty of water and fruit juices also result in stronger nails.

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Some of the vital nail care tips include:

• Soft nails break easily so to harden nails dip them in warm olive oil for twenty minutes.

• Acetone polish remover is not good for the nails so one should avoid it.

• Regular use of nail polish can result into ugly and yellowish nails. One should always give a break on regular use of nail polish.

• To provide natural sheen look to the nails one should apply petroleum jelly on nails and buff them with a soft cloth.

• Soap makes the nail dry and brittle thus always dry your hand after washing and apply hand cream or lotion to soften the nails.

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