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Mascarpone Cheese – Enjoy the Delicious Taste of Mascarpone Cheese

The milky white color of Mascarpone cheese comes form the double and triple cream process. The cream used to make it is low in fat. Many times Mascarpone cheese resembles a light colored butter. The unique taste of Mascarpone cheese is due to the fact that the milk comes from cows that are fed a special diet of grasses, herbs, and flowers. It is commonly made in the area of Lombardy.

The process of making Mascarpone cheese involves letting the milk from the cow stand for a length of time. The cream from the milk will rise to the top and it is skimmed off. The cream that remains is placed into large metal containers and then heated to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. During the heating process tartaric acid and water are added to the mixture so it with become thick and dense.

The cream mixture is then cooled and refrigerated for at least 12 hours. They whey in the cream separates during the cooling process. The whey is removed form the mixture and the Mascarpone is placed in cloth bags for an entire day. Any remaining whey is separated during this process. The remaining product that is sold as Mascarpone cheese has a fat content of 47%, one of the highest of all cheese products out there.

Since it does have such a high fat content, Mascarpone cheese isn’t classified as one of the healthiest for you. However it does contain high amounts of calcium. Individuals who have lactose intolerance often miss the taste of cheese. It is the whey in cheese that they have trouble digesting. Since the whey is removed from Mascarpone cheese it makes a good alternative.

The cheese needs to be consumed within four days after it is made to ensure the best quality taste. There are plenty of options for using Mascarpone cheese. Many people enjoy adding a touch of sugar to it and blending it with their favorite fruits. A classic Italian dish involves mixing Mascarpone cheese with anchovies, mustard, and spices. This tastes very similar to butter cream frosting so it is used for dipping, filling, and frosting. It is often used in the melted for as a hot dipping sauce.

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