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Men’s Health Topping the List of Concerns

The strongest and the toughest ones often need the maximum
care. When it comes to the health issues of our men folk it is
an issue that must be handled with much care. Keeping this in
mind, and some more of it, the Men’s Health magazine was
launched in 1987. Apart from catering to the health issues of
men the Men’s Health magazine also deals with other important
issues in a guy’s life like – Fitness i.e. dealing with
appropriate ways of loosing calories with simple tips that can
be followed in day to day life. Nutrition, i.e. dealing with
correcting the type and nature of diet that is most suited to a
healthy lifestyle Sexuality and relationships, i.e. dealing
with all aspects relating to enjoying a healthy sexually life
and a stress free relationship Travel, i.e. giving information
of the most favourite holiday destinations of men, their
favourite adventure sports and recreations Fashion and trends,
centred around the latest fashion clothing and accessories,
hairstyles etc. Gadgets and gizmos, i.e. dealing with the
favourite toys of the boys Finance, concentrating on the best
bargains, schemes and smart investments.

The circulation Men’s Health is around 1.9 million in USA
alone, where it is based, and 15 million worldwide. David
Zinczenko is the editor-in-chief of the magazine. It was
founded in UK in 1994.

The magazine serves as a complete package encompassing all
health and lifestyle problems of the men of today. No wonder a
Men’s Health magazine subscription is much sought today. The
magazine is priced at $ 1.49 per issue per month. The other
subscription options are:

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2. For two years, equivalent to 20 issues, priced at only $
29.80 plus $ 4.97 for delivery, or, 3. For one year, equivalent
to 10 issues, priced at $ 19.90 plus $ 4.97 for delivery.

The booking for subscriptions and payments can be made online.
Credit card details are required for online payment.
Subscriptions are automatically renewed in case of significant
savings off the cover price, unless the subscriber instructs
otherwise. In case the credit card does not function or for
some reason it is not possible to charge the credit card then a
subscriber can be charged directly using the Bill Me Later

At times there are special subscriber offers run for regular
customers. For example, the magazine has been running an
exclusive subscriber offer in UK with a promised 46% savings.
The magazine copies are delivered at the door step of customers
and there are special subscriber only content available to
scribes only. Moreover such offers are available from time to
time and can be availed through the online services.

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