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Mohawk Voice or Ventrilo

Many of you know or have heard of Ventrilo. Ventrilo is a VoIP client application that allows real-time communication through Ventrilo Servers. Another program is currently in close to release with the similar features. This program’s name is Mohawk Voice.

Mohawk Voice is a free voice-over-ip application, currently only for Windows. Mohawk Voice allows you to communicate with any person over the internet with no long distance charges or other fees. You simply have to connect to a Mohawk Voice Server and you can begin enjoying the benefits of online communication.

Sounds like Ventrilo huh?

Mohawk Voice is actually better than Ventrilo when it comes to system resources. Mohawk Voice uses 75% less system resources than our friend Ventrilo.

If you enjoy utilizing software that isn’t a giant puzzle, or doesn’t require much knowledge on modules, then Mohawk Voice is right for you. Mohawk Voice was designed with simplicity in mind from what I can tell. You can easily utilize all the Mohawk Voice administration tools without having to read a manual. This means all you have to do is download the client and connect to your server.

While being simplistic, Mohawk Voice is made with quality in mind as well. Mohawk Voice’s codec allows users to hear great sound without risking the loss of performance. Mohawk Voice also requires less CPU compared to its competitors Ventrilo and TeamSpeak. This means you will never have to shutdown Mohawk in order to play games or other high resourceful software.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can go to www.MohawkVoice.com today and try the beta.

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Now after Mohawk Voice is released, you will need to purchase Mohawk Voice servers. From what I can tell, Mohawk Voice Servers will be a lot cheaper than Ventrilo. Especially over at MaxFrag.net. MaxFrag will be offering free 10 slot mohawk servers for the first few months of the application’s release.

A number of helpful sites have popped up in support of Mohawk. You will also see a number of top Ventrilo and TeamSpeak providers target Mohawk Voice as the new product.

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