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Myrtle Beach Bike Week

Motorcycle rides can be a source of immense exhilaration and
adrenaline rush to the rider. There is a unique feel to the
experience of rushing across the road in a bike without a care
in the world, feeling the wind hit the face and racing ahead of
normal life without caring too much for what is left behind.
You will find a lot of people who will echo this thought about
motorcycle rides.

The popularity of motorcycle rides is not slowing down anytime
soon. More people around the world are starting to enjoy the
thrill of racing on bikes. This is paving way for more advanced
build of bikes.

Motorcycle riders have the impression of being big, beefy men
and sexy women, in tight leather pants and leather jackets,
stylish helmets and shiny shoes. All these wild details make
motorcycle racing so popular among people everywhere.

Motorcycle racing gives riders across the world a chance to
share their knowledge, update themselves on the latest trends
doing the rounds in the circuit, and at the end of day, racing
with each other to enjoy their common passion. It is essential
to belong to the circuit of riders, or know someone who is part
of it to know about the various events that are hosted in and
around the area one lives in.

One of the most well known motorcycle racing events is the
Myrtle Beach Spring Rally which is held every year in May. It
is the one stop destination for riding enthusiasts and even
those who simply enjoy watching the riders take on the action.
Many people buy condos and other property to return to live
here even after the Myrtle Beach Bike Week, as a retirement

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There are thousands of people who gather in and around the
sixty mile long coastline on the eastside bordered by the North
Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet. There is a conglomeration of
vendors who sell everything from t-shirts, bike accessories, to
even motorcycles. Those who don’t own bikes can hire one during
the Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Other events included in the plan
of action are live musical performances, the famous poker run,
stunt shows and of course, simple motorcycle racing. The bike
week consists of most Myrtle Beach Spring Rally and Fall Bike
Rally. The largest vending location on the beach is that of
Sonny Production which will be built into a mall at Inlet
Square and provide parking space stretching over sixty acres.

The most popular event of the entire week is of course the bike
rally. The racing pit along the beach is called the Grand
Strand. This area provides some of the most beautiful locations
to ride a bike on the Atlantic coastline.

Although there has been a slight fall in the number of vendors
in the recent years, the most renowned ones still exist without
any compromise. The Murrell’s Inlet and Broadway on the Grand
Strand are the main areas where all the action takes place
every year.

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