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Nausea – Pregnancy Week Three Through Week Fifteen

For many women the way they truly and completely know they
are pregnant is through their stomach. The morning
sickness routine will hit and all of the sudden there is no
doubt that you are pregnant. No one likes the thought,
even remotely of nausea. Pregnancy week three through at
least fifteen for most though will be filled with this
particular issue and it is one that you will need to find an
answer to. The nutrition that you take in your body and
keep in your body is what helps the baby grow. You will
need to find a way to limit your nausea if at all possible.

Doctors worry very much when a patient has morning sickness
(which can actually occur at any part of the day not just in
the morning) to a level that there is always some
nausea. Pregnancy week two through five are such
important stepping stones to getting the pregnancy off on the
right foot but even more so as the weeks go by the concern
becomes one of getting the right amount of nutrition to the
mother and the baby. The baby needs it for growth and
development, the mother needs it for energy, strength and
fatigue. There is no easy way to deal with this issue

There are many things that are believed to help
nausea. Pregnancy week three through perhaps fifteen
might be filled with you eating some things that aren’t very
appealing but that is what you will need to don to combat
nausea. Salty snacks such as crackers and pretzels work
for some. Still others like breads and others still
can’t find anything to settle their stomach. The point
in that in addition to eating these things you still need to
eat a balanced, nutrition filled diet. Preferably one
that won’t make you will. Trial and error with foods
might help there.

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Many people find that eating more, smaller meals helps combat
nausea. Pregnancy week three up to week fifteen might
find you eating much more often but in much smaller
amounts. Some people think that you fight off nausea by
eating less and not putting as much pressure on the stomach
however there is not empirical data that supports this and it
is just one of a million ways people combat this distressing
issue. The fact is you will only know through your own
trial and error.

Your doctor is going to want you to eat a nutritious
diet. He is going to try to help you combat that
nausea. Pregnancy week three through fifteen might make
this very difficult. In fact it might be closed to
impossible but will need your efforts to find out what works
for you. High level of nausea and vomiting will take
nutrients away from the baby and that is the last thing you
are trying to do. So even if you do get nausea, you are
going to have to find a way to discover the foods that are
nutritious and will still stay down when you eat them. 

You don’t have to experience your pregnancy alone. Learn
about others who experience morning sickness week by week.
Also be sure to check out everything else you need to know
about pregnancy and early parenthood.

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