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Nutrition For Dengue Fever

Dengue infection which can be best described as the
break-bone fever is caused by the mosquito carrying the
dengue virus. This disease has affected most of the Asian
countries creating a world health issue. Occasional bleeding
from the nose, vomiting and severe headache is developed with
this viral infection and this stage could be a bit serious as
it shows bleeding in the gastro intestinal tracts. Pain in
the eyes and skin rashes could be additional symptoms. 

When talking about nutrition for dengue fever one cannot
forget continuous rest and intake of water to the required
amount which should be observed from the initial stages
itself. It is more secure to consult a doctor if the above
mentioned symptoms persist for more than 3-4 days. There are
some people who are infected with the disease but no external
symptoms. This is a very serious case as the disease will be
brought to the notice of others only after it reaches the
dangerous conditions. 

Yet there is no specific cure for dengue infection but the
disease could be controlled to a large extent with the use of
drugs. Paracetamol help to bring down fever and it is advised
to use it only after the said time intervals. Aspirin and
brufen could develop the risk of bleeding and reduce
platelets therefore it is suggested to limit those drugs to
be on the safe side. Antibiotics cannot help this. Platelet
transfusion has to be done only in the case of very law
platelet count and bleeding. Doctors should take enough care
in handling these patients. Laboratory tests can be held for
the confirmation of dengue infection and care should be taken
to choose recommended labs for this task. The type of the
illness can be detected with the help of such tests. A
nutritional diet which helps to maintain physical fitness is
necessary for a patient along with plenty of fluids.
Mentioned above are some tips regarding nutrition for dengue.

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Death can occur with some of the cases such as dengue shock
syndrome and hemorrhagic fever. Under proper treatments the
risk of these could be minimized. Sufficient nutrition can
save many lives suffering from the illness. Do not delay to
consult a physician or a doctor as it might get hard to cure
under serious conditions. Scientists have taken actions on
developing specific drugs and nutrition for dengue fever
which are still on the progress. Hope they will give a better
solution to this Health issue in the years to come. No one
can detect the fact if a mosquito is carrying the disease or
not.  Therefore one should take enough care to limit
mosquito bites as far as possible. It is advisable to wear
long dresses with full sleeves in order to cover your whole
body.  Use bed nets and electric vapor mats to prevent
mosquitoes. 2 hours after and before sunset are recorded as
peak hours of mosquito biting.    

A mosquito becomes a dengue virus carrier only after biting
an infected person therefore it is the responsibility of the
patient to protect from mosquito bites.  

“Prevention is better than cure”. This saying is very true
with dengue fever as it could be prevented. The community
should come together to develop the health standards of the
society where everyone has to contribute equally. Breeding
grounds such as barrels, drums, tins, cans and water coolers
should be destroyed. Eradication of dengue fever from the
society could only be effective with prevention than cure.

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