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Nutrition With: Delicious Mango Or Weight Loss Fertilization In The End? – Health, Nutrition With –

Food and thin always seems to be anathema, always can not have
both. So eating mango on the weight loss benefit of it? Mangoes
in the end is a weight gain or weight loss?

the nutritional value of mango Mango also known as “looking
fruit,” that is intended to take “fruit of hope.” Fruit oval
and smooth, peel and lemon yellow, taste glycol; form, color
glamorous, giving a warm and cordial feeling, full of poetic,
the king of tropical fruit reputation.

High nutritional value of mango fruit, vitamin A content of up
to 3.8%, 1-more times than apricots. The content of vitamin C
than oranges, strawberries.

Mango contains sugar, protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and
other nutrients are necessary for the body. Mango producing
areas in China, based on several main varieties of mango
information summarized, mango 14% -24.8% soluble solids, sugar
content 11% -19%, 0.65% -1.31% of protein per 100 grams of pulp
with carotene 2281 – 6304 mg, but no trace of human essential
elements content is also high.

medicinal effects: According to Chinese medicine therapeutic

of taste analysis, the mango is of peace is sweet,
thirst-quenching body fluid of fruit.

(1) Mango with stomach, vomiting, only the halo effect, for
vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, hypertension, dizziness, nausea
and vomiting are effective. Jianshui eating mango pulp or
nausea for pregnant women also have very good results.

(2) mango can lower cholesterol, eat it mango help prevent
cardiovascular disease, useful vision can moisturize the skin,
is the fruit of the ladies of beauty.

(3) Mango has cured the efficacy of cough illness, on cough,
phlegm, asthma embolism with secondary therapeutic effect.

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(4) Mango Juice To increase gastric motility, so that stool in
the colon shorter residence time, so very beneficial to the
prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

(5) contains carotene, can benefit eyes moist skin

Also a few protein-rich mango fruit, eat more satiety.

Should be noted that the nature of mango with Pathogenic Heat
and Toxin, if their own suffering from skin diseases or cancer,
should remember to avoid eating. Also, allergic careful to eat

food Taboo: (1) fed can not eat mangoes after. Not with the big
mango Garlic A total of spicy substances such as food, can
cause yellowing disease.

(2) because the higher sugar content of mango, so diabetics
should not eat. Mango with Pathogenic Heat and Toxin, people
with skin disease or cancer is to refrain from eating.

(3) eat mangoes can cause allergies, severe kidney damage may
be. Mango leaves and mango juice can cause dermatitis and
allergic people, so allergies should pay attention.

Promptly washed after eating left in the skin around the lips
of the mango flesh in order to avoid allergic reactions.

in the end is a weight gain or weight loss:

Of Medicine shows that mango could be phlegm, spleen and
stomach, Lee waterways, and Chinese medicine theory, the cause
of obesity is wet, phlegm, stagnation of water due, it is to
lose weight light-weight of mango fruit.

The following description of two mango to swallow:

(1) Mango Beverages

Raw materials : Mango 50 grams Crystal sugar 20 grams.

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