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Nutritional Regulations Create School Fundraising Challenge

Obesity is the major health concern all across the United
States of America as 65% of the adult American population is
found to be overweight. Available statistics indicate that
almost 16% of the children in the country are overweight and
the numbers are increasing with each passing day. Obesity is
also the root cause for other health related issues like
hypertension, cardiac problems, cancer, diabetes and orthopedic
problems and 25% of children within the age group of five to
ten have been found to have high blood pressure, high
cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes. Lack of physical activity
further worsens the condition.

The federal government has understood the role of the schools
in countering the problem of child obesity and the legislation
of Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 was a
step in that direction. The rising health costs also do not
help much.

Given the present state of affairs, a number of nutritional
regulations have been imposed to establish a healthy nutrition
environment at the schools. This holds true especially for
fundraising events. Implementation of laws like SB 12 has
placed a ban on chocolate fundraisers that have an adverse
effect on the health of children and young adults. The thrust
is now on introducing healthy snack ideas that may prove to be
healthy alternatives to the sweets and junk food that kids
usually gorge on.

The food items that come under the purview of the nutritional
guidelines include snacks, snack carts, desserts, school
fundraisers, school vending machines, school stores and ala
carte lines. As per the existing health norms, no food item can
have 35% of calories from total fat, 35% sugar by weight and
10% calories from saturated fat. The healthy alternatives for
children should contain zero trans fat.

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In such a scenario, it is a challenge for fundraiser
organizers, especially members of the PTA, who are into
conceptualizing and working on an elementary school fundraising
event. They have to keep in mind that children are far less
likely to eat bland low calorie food, let alone enjoy it.
Instead they should think of healthy fundraising solutions that
do not compromise on the taste, are low on calories thereby
complying with the nutritional guidelines and wellness

Fundraising in a healthy manner will help you to raise a
substantial amount of money from the event. There is nothing
much you need to do except for ensuring the fact that the
snacks at the fundraiser are healthy so that the kids can have
a good time and their parents do not have to bother about what
their child is eating. The kids will not mind donating from
their pocket money and that too quite generously if what they
get in return is worth it. Parents on their parts will not
think twice before sending their child for a healthy
fundraising event.

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