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Nutritional Supplements Necessary to Boost Immunity

Strong immunity is the best weapon to defend ourselves against
diseases. To develop a strong immunity, right and healthy diet
is the key. There are many nutrients which are helpful in
building up good immune system. Sadly, few of these are not
manufactured in our bodies. In that case, nutritional health
supplements become necessary to boost immunity.

Most of the immune boosters are rich in vitamins like A, B6, C
and E. These and even some other vitamin requirements of the
bodies can be met with the right type of diet. Including leafy
vegetables and fruits like oranges, which are rich sources of
vitamins is the best way to develop immunity. Including iron
rich fruits and vegetables like apple, spinach, pomegranate etc
could also boost up immunity. Many of these essential immunity
boosters are manufactured by our bodies naturally also, but the
most important of all, that is, the fatty acids are not
manufactured naturally within our bodies.

Fatty acids play a very important role in building strong
immunity and hence make us ready to fight with many diseases as
well. These fatty acids help bodies to become resistant against
various diseases like arthritis, Asthma, Ageing, etc and most
importantly, against various types of circulatory and nervous
diseases. Heart can be made stronger with intake of essential
fatty acids like HDL, LDL etc in right amounts. Since, these
are not manufactured in the bodies naturally; the only possible
way to meet out their requirements is to take them through
nutritional health supplements.

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One such nutritional health supplement is the Omega 3, much
being talked about these days. Deccan healthcare clinic
manufactures the Omega 3 health supplement, rich in fatty acids
and other essential nutrients which we generally get from fish
liver oils. Since vegetarian people cannot take fish liver oil,
vegetarian Omega 3
can help them boost the immunity level.
Omega 3 is good for people of all age as it helps fight various
diseases like asthma, cardio-vascular diseases which are not
age depended. The folic acid constituent of this Nutritional
health supplement is particularly effective for pregnant women
and the developing foetus and helps boost immunity right from
the gestation period.

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