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Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder

Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder
Could it be that all really mentally ill?

In an attempt to slow the rush of masses for change food and
reform, psychiatry has green light to a public relations push
to spread knowledge about their new buzzword “orthorexia
nervous “, defined as” a pathological obsession for
biologically pure and healthy nutrition. ” In another ie,
experts are moving towards saying that our demand for
nutrient-dense, healthy food is a mental disorder that should
be treated.

Fast Company
, Popular Science, and other outlets superior

have all started
to trumpet talking points
at the right time relatively soon

“orthorexia nervosa is designated for those who are
concerned about eating healthy label is characterized by
eating disorders driven by a desire.” clean healthy “foods
or” “, those diagnosed with the disease are overly concerned
with the nutritional composition of what they eat.”

In short, if you turn your back on low quality foods containing
corporate known cancer causing toxic additives and a rich
history of lack of rooted honesty in a continuous “gains on
people “modus operandi then you may suffer from a mental
illness. The icing is that if you have the disorder
pseudo-science label orthorexia nervosa, is prescribed known
for some of the same corporate conglomerate that you are trying
to avoid by eating healthy in the first place toxic
pharmaceutical drugs.

Ortorexia has not yet found its way into the latest edition of

psychiatric bible
, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
of Mental Disorders (DSM), however, commonly it is grouped with
other eating disorders. Stepping back and looking at pushing
this label shows highly questionable motives.

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Psychiatry as a whole is deeply in bed with a pharmaceutical
company that makes the drugs to “treat” each of these ”
disorders. ” It is often these companies that are whose
influence between racks to invent categories of mental health
with their toxic products as the answer. The latter means to
popularize orthorexia as a mental disorder with the aim of
marginalizing or derail the food revolution momentum seems to
have been dead on arrival.

The psychiatric community has even considered
creativity to be a mental illness

As people continue
medical and agricultural / food systems broken any
abusive relationship, food manufacturers are willing to do
anything to keep his waning control. markets for organic food
and non-GM have exploded in the last 5 years, to the point that
any company wishing to follow the trend is not at risk of
financial hardship or ruin. In addition, pharmaceutical
companies are feeling the pressure that fewer people want their
toxic drugs and incapacitating side effects.

Maybe some people take it too close to the point of self-harm,
but the problem we face with toxic food system is a much bigger
threat. Finally, we will be aware of some of the overall BS fed
to us by the pharmaceutical industry funded psychiatry. When
healthy eating and creativity are mental problems, something is

By Jefferey Jaxen, Natural Society


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