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Oreteen Models – Tips for A Healthy Preteen Model

Due to their age, preteens (oreteen models) usually can’t pay the same attention to their career that they should be focusing on their studies.

Preteens and oreteen models are always immature in age and experience.  They are generally middle school or high school students, and their studies and their modeling careers need to work together for the best.  This can often be challenging and cause them to grow up faster than normal.

To prevent anything terrible from happening with a preteen model or oreteen model’s studies, try to follow these pretty simple steps.

1. Be extremely knowledgable in the challenges your preteen model oreteen model will be facing.

Practical tips and advice can really help an oreteen model succeed in a bid way.  Share tips and advice with the parents of other oreteen models and coaches.  The more prepared you are as the parent of an oreteen model, the better.

2. Keep your oreteen model on a balanced diet.

Preteen models are young and are growing – so their diets are very important at this stage.  Parents should take extreme care to make sure that the child gets a very balanced diet and are in a healthy weight class for their size and sex.

3. Make sure your oreteen models are getting the right exercise.

By ensuring a weekly exercise plan, you will be adding to the preteen model’s responsibilities and time commitments, but also adding significant steps to your oreteen model’s overall health.  This is a very beneficial way of maintaining weight and body mass index.

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