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Pancreatitis Diet Tips and Information

The pancreas is a special gland that is essential in the process of digestion. Without the help of the pancreas, the food that you intake will be used by the body properly. This is because the enzymes secreted by the pancreas are the ones responsible in digesting the fats, the carbohydrates, and proteins into something that can be absorbed by the body. Moreover, the pancreas is also responsible in releasing glucagons as well as insulin to the bloodstream. But once the pancreas was inflamed you must have a pancreatitis diet in order to prevent further damage caused by the inflammation. If you have an acute pancreatitis or you have just recovered from pancreatitis, there are numerous pancreatitis diet you may take so that you no longer have to suffer the attacks from pancreatitis.

Most dieticians recommend vegetables for a pancreatitis diet. You may eat a fresh vegetable or make a vegetable juice that you may drink while you are on your way to the office. This is because vegetables are the richest source of enzymes, vitamins, as well as minerals that are needed in curing pancreatitis. Moreover, plant-based foods also act as antioxidants in the body. Not only that vegetables have positive benefits on the pancreas but in the whole body as well.

A pancreatitis diet must also have foods that are not rich in fats. The fats present in the food will make the pancreas work harder. As a result, there will be more attacks and more pain. Even if you have already recovered from your pancreatitis, you can still have some attacks if you eat fatty foods. So avoid those French fries that have been drenched from oil (even if it is vegetable oil) and try to eat baked potatoes instead. Burgers, even if it is grilled, are still not recommended if you have or you had pancreatitis.

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Spicy foods are very mouth-watering especially if you are into it. However, if you have or had acute pancreatitis, you are not allowed to include spicy foods in your pancreatitis diet. Just like the fatty foods, foods that have strong spices can trigger an attack in your pancreas. The same goes for foods and drinks that are gas-forming such as sodas. Coffee and other drinks that have caffeine must be avoided as well.

If you really want to have a pancreatitis diet that works don’t forget to include rice in your meal every time you eat. Salads can also be a good part of your diet if your pancreas is inflamed. You can also eat cereals, oatmeals, and bread during breakfast or snack. Soy-based foods such as crèmes and milk can also be an excellent source of antioxidants which prevents further damage to the already damaged pancreas.

But no matter what pancreatitis diet should you follow, make sure that you will not take it in full meal. An excellent pancreatitis diet must be taken a little at a time. This helps the digestion process flow smoother and lesser work for the pancreas as well.

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