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Personal Training Helps Overweight Children Get Healthy

Obesity is a serious issue facing children today. Inactivity due to television and video games is only a small part of the problem. Too many have developed poor eating habits and do not understand the importance of exercise and physical fitness. Personal training can be an effective way to make sure your child has the tools they need to become healthy and stay that way.

Gym classes and recess at school are geared toward teaching kids how to stay physically fit. Unfortunately, these classes are often ignored or simply floated through to get a passing grade. Few students take health-related classes seriously enough to participate to their full potential.

Extracurricular sports can be helpful in maintaining a healthy weight. Children who are interested in sports generally do not have weight problems. While coaches, teachers and counselors encourage those who are overweight to participate, it is often difficult to persuade obese kids, who may be embarrassed about their condition, to take the initiative.

Convincing a child to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight is not always an easy task. You may consider hiring a personal trainer if your child is having problems with motivation. Coaching on an individual level will help educate your child on proper eating habits, weight loss and exercise techniques.

It is important to choose a personal trainer who is properly certified and specializes in working with children who have weight problems. The right trainer will be familiar with the problems specific to obesity in childhood.

Here are some ways a good personal coach can help your child:

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Goal Setting: Children and their parents may not know how to set fitness and health goals until they speak with a professional. A trainer will help you set realistic goals for your child and reach them in a timely manner.

Physical Guidance: Many parents do not know the proper way to lift weights or perform specific exercises. A personal coach will teach your child how to exercise safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of injuries and maximizing the results of their efforts.

Dislike of Exercise or Sports: Obese children often dislike school activities or sports because others laugh or make fun of them. The ability to work one-on-one with a personal trainer will allow the child the freedom to work out without feeling self-conscious. As their strength and flexibility improves, their confidence will rise. Eventually, they may be sure enough of themselves to participate in group sports again.

Establishing Good Habits: Individualized coaching usually includes developing a dietary plan to encourage good nutrition, balanced meals and correct portion sizes, a critical part of weight management. Trainers stress the importance of healthy habits like adequate sleep and good hydration, and help kids and their parents establish goals in these areas as well.

The best way to stop childhood obesity is, of course, to prevent it in the first place. Early childhood education is the first step in raising children who are conscious about physical fitness. If you are concerned that your child may develop weight problems in the future, investing in some personal training early on can help.

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