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Plan Strategically to Grab the Benefits of Strip-Till

Most countries are seriously concerned with reducing annual agriculture output. Development is the main reason because of which agriculture land is being acquired to serve other growth oriented purposes. Can the developed country survive being 100% dependent upon other countries to fulfill their food requirements? The answer is simple- No. This question has another form also: Can we survive without meeting the national development requirements? Answer to this question is also simple-No. In such condition, the only solution to meet out food requirements within the country is to innovate new methods of farming. Strip-Tillage is one such method that was introduced just few years back but within a short time span, it has become quite popular.

Striped tillage has many advantages over conventional strip tillmethod of tilling. Strip-till warms only the soil that is under the seedbed and thus preserves its strength. Liquid fertilizer is applied only to the seed rows directly; thus, farmers save big on this front. Strip tillage saves time and fuel both because it reduces the numbers of trips around the farm land. Strip tillage can be said an innovative method of green farming. Moisture conservation, erosion control and better residue management etc are other super benefits of strip tillage. But to ensure these proven benefits of strip-till, using right equipment is must.

Although stores dealing in agriculture items offer wide range of striped tillage equipments with deep Sub-Soiler Shank or standard fertilizer shank within row unit configuration. Do not compromise with brand value and market reputation of the selected stripped tiller manufacturer. As the cost matters a lot in buying farming equipments, so most strip tiller manufacturers offer finance facility also. Just analyze your repaying capability with honesty and consider probable risks; and if seems justified, go for this innovative tool making farming profitable and convenient both.

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Before having quality stripped tiller, you must be aware of its use. You must be well aware of the answers of common questions like – when it should be used, how many time it should be used and what the time difference between two tilling should be etc. Most experts suggest that strip-till should be done during fall because weather conditions of this season helps the strips to settle and mellow during the forthcoming winter season. The primary reasons for using strip-till may be different in different areas; so do not follow the guidelines stated on websites or guide books blindly.

If you are first time user, you may get the free consultancy from the manufacturer itself otherwise you may approach to agriculture help centers being run by the governments.

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