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Pleasure of Eating the Authentic Ethnic Food

Would you prefer the restaurant to whet your appetite for Spanish food where the waiters do not even exactly know what Paella is? Hope you will not.


Authentic Ethnic food is loved by all, but alas, it’s not always easy to find authentic flavors, perfect taste in the ethnic food especially of a different country. For instance, if you wish to eat best tapas food in Singapore, which is a Spanish cuisine, then do you think, you’ll get the perfect taste & authentic flavors?


It’s not easy, but isn’t difficult as well. Here are certain tips, which will make you meet your desire of tasting best ethnic food at different place.


The first tip: The best ethnic restaurant is the one that serves delicious and authentic food. If the chefs at this restaurant belong to the same culture and enthusiastically cook the food, then the restaurant is more likely to served authentic flavors.


The second one: It would be a bonus point if you can find the staff speaking the language of that culture in that ethnic restaurant. If the staff including managers, attendants, and even the chefs can speak the language of that place, then you can expect of a good serving. For instance, if you want to eat parrilla in Singapore and you have no clue for where to visit, then you may use this trick to have certain assurance for whether you’ll be served with this delicious Spanish cuisine or not.


The third one: Give a glance to the menu of the restaurant. If the restaurant offers non translated menu items or either have any secret ethnic menu, then it might prove to be a super bonus point for you. At least, this makes one think that the chefs & owners have good knowledge of the ethnic food & its genuine flavors.

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The fourth one: The next factor that can help you decide whether you should taste the ethnic food at the restaurant is the ambience. For the Spanish food, if you can find nice Spanish ambience & cozy dining place in Singapore, then you can expect authentic Spanish flavors in the serving.


If you can find all these criteria in a restaurant, then you can expect to whet your appetite of Spanish food in Singapore.  


If an ethnic restaurant meets none of these criteria, it’s likely to suck.  You wouldn’t want to eat at a Mexican restaurant in China where the waiter doesn’t even know what a taco is…. would you? (I think they called it a meat onion wrap)


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