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Positives and Negatives of Keeping a Pet Dog

Have you ever thought hard about owning your own dog?

On one side there is the “Pro”, the positions in favor:

The very first point in support of keeping a pet dog will be the companionship of a family dog, which is very well known. Don’t forget the age old saying that: “A dog is man’s best friend”. I think most people would agree with that..

A 2nd point in favor can be their guarding abilities. Even if a dog is completely harmless and would never actually defend its owner, it will usually look and sound fierce enough to put off an attacker, and of course by barking a dog raises the owner’s awareness of an intruder’s presence.

The 3rd supporting point is perhaps not the most obvious, but should not be underestimated. A dog makes its owner physically healthier, by requiring its owner to get out walking daily, with all but the smallest lap dog breeds.

The 4th point in support of keeping a pet dog should be also on the subject of health, but this time its owner’s mental health. A dog provides stability in our lives, and a dog is always pleased to see it owner, and constant in it’s affections, when the owner’s human counterparts may not always be so. This has been shown to reduce the effects of depression, and other mental illnesses can be less severe for dog owners.

Lastly, the 5th reason for support will be the way that having a dog in the house for children of six years old upwards, gives them a knowledge of, and relationship with an animal for whom they can be expected to take responsibility during walks, and when they are older when other members of the family are not in the home to look after the dog.

This responsibility gives a child greater maturity, and many children will develop a deep bond with their childhood mutt, and often grow up wanting to be dog owners themselves.

And on the other hand, to keep this balanced, there are Cons; Arguments Against:

Firstly, the point which must be made against is the cost of keeping a dog which is rising all the time. Responsible owners must ensure their young dogs are immunized, neutered and treated by a veterinarian when they get ill.

The second point in contrast to the earlier points is that a dog is a tie. The dog cannot be left alone for long, meaning that if you wish to go away without them it cannot be done unless there is someone else to look after the animal, or you can afford to send your pet to a canine boarding kennel.

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A 3rd significant point against is that no dog owner can escape that they are responsible for their pet if it misbehaves. The owner must not let their dog roam, create excess noise, or attack or injure anyone. Sometimes this can be difficult to achieve with a young and hard to discipline/strong willed canine..

A fourth negative point is going to be an active dog brings dirt into the home, and adds to the wear and tear on the house furnishings.

Fifth and ultimately, last point in contra shall be although the idea we all have of a dog is one of their behavior adapting to their owner’s wishes and not acting in a threatening manner to any of the family, that may not always be the case. The large number of dogs each year to be found in dog rescue centers shows that many people do have problems with their dogs, and big enough difficulties to make them decide they can no longer give a home to their pet.

That’s it, the pros along with the cons, the points in favor and then the points against.

So, within a final analysis; is keeping a pet dog a good thing? or a bad thing?

If you are like me, you now have a “Yes” answer to both questions! Keeping a pet dog can be wonderful, but it takes hard work from the owner through the puppy, and adolescent stages of a dog’s life. You dog will need training and a great deal of exercise, or he or she may become over-boisterous in the home and tear the place up! So, keeping a dog is a combination of good and bad… It needs to be left up to the reader to determine how committed to ownership you will be, and how well suited you will be to keeping to your dog’s need for daily routine. How tolerant you will be to uncontrollable dog behavior, and how good at training your pet to behave well.

Which side, the good or the bad, will pull down the scales of opinion on one side, or the other, for you?

Source by Steve Evans

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