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Proper Nutrition is Everybody’s Business


Lack of Proper Nutrition is the top reason for more than 50% of doctor’s visits today. And while symptoms vary, Proper Nutrition can help many, many of our friends and family live a Healthy, Enjoyable and Energetic life style. So, Nutrition or Proper Nutrition is Everybody’s Business. Without Proper Nutrition we can and most of us will develop:

1.     Weight Gain

2.     Obesity

3.     Diabetes

4.     High Blood Pressure

5.     Heart Disease

And many other health related issues like Stress, Digestive, Immune, etc.

My name is Infan Ali and I am a National Wellness Coach and Consultant. I’ve been helping Dozens and Dozens of clients all over the country through the administering and implementing of Proper Nutritional programs. In my experience I have counseled clients with many ailments and through Proper Nutrition and Personalized Programs have been able to restrict and even overcome their adverse situations. Today as more and more successes are being experienced through Wellness Coaching and Consultation, I have decided to share with you some secrets to help you improve your life.


For most of you to obtain Proper Nutrition i.e. getting the right amount of protein, carbs, fruits, vegetables, minerals, amino acids, pyhtonutrients, vitamins, etc. you feel that you to have to eat literally huge amounts of food. That is not true! In fact quite the opposite is what is required; you have to know just how to get it. There are literally supplements for every deficiency on the market today and without getting the right amount for your needs you can end up putting on extra weight.


Weight gain comes about because you consume foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients, e.g. Fried foods, fatty foods, sugary foods high carbohydrates and not enough of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, etc. Your body stores the excess as fat and the bulging result is weight gain. A constant supply of these types of foods leads to obesity and further complications like diabetes.


Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar is elevated from consuming foods that have a high content of simple carbohydrates like white rice, white flour and sugar, all forms of it. When this happens you need to control your intake of these types of foods and that will help your blood sugar level become normal again. You require supplements that prevent you from craving sweets and stop the constant urge of snacking that you are experiencing. Gymnema and Garcinia Cambogia will absolutely help you achieve this. You must consume these as part of a healthy and nutritional balanced meal, to avoid side effects and deficiencies in other areas. When done properly you will experience less craving, bring you blood sugar level to a more normal range, more satisfaction from your meals, feeling full for longer and enjoy lots of energy and even weight loss.

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High Blood pressure occurs when you increase pressure on your circulatory system. You gain weight and your one and only heart has to now pump blood to support more areas or mass so that your entire body including where weight gain has taken place also gets blood and is getting nourishment. You also now have extra pressure on the veins and arteries that transport the blood. The pressure is applied of the additional weight on the walls of these vessels causing the heart to work harder than ever before resulting in High Blood Pressure. Further complications can result leading to cardiovascular problems.


Your diet is not healthy, your cholesterol and triglycerides are now at unhealthy levels. You get plaques inside your arteries and an overwhelmed heart. This can lead to strokes and even heart attacks. So, now you have to lower your cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure before serious events take place. Take control of what you put into your body spare parts are difficult and expensive to come by.


Although this all seems bleak or overwhelming the opposite is true. Everything begins with Nutrition or Proper Nutrition. And it has to encompass the Body as a Whole to avoid side effects. Get the right amounts for your individual need. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Focus on your condition and keep a balance for the rest of your body to benefit and experience total well being. You may be surprised; reduce or even eliminating prescription drugs and medications ARE NORMAL WITH THIS THERAPY. And your doctor will be the one recommending this.

Weight Loss will help tremendously and obesity will decline as you consume fewer calories while maintaining a diet that is rich in nutrients. You will receive fullness and satisfaction from your meals while enjoying a high level of energy. Diabetics plan will include products with little or no sugar and special supplements to correct the brain function that triggers hunger. High Blood Pressure sufferers will have ingredients that prevent water retention and calm the nerves for high anxiety and stress along with low sodium. Cardiovascular and taking care of your heart will require Omega 3, Nitric oxide production therapy and a supplement that supports the heart function and keeps blood vessels toned and flexible.

The administration of nutrition and the individual is vital. So, get help from a professional. With the right products, correct amounts, expert coaching and proper nutrition you can make this your personal goal to achieving your health freedom and proper nutrition.

Thank you for allowing me to share this report with you. My hope is to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to experience a Healthy and Productive life.

Infan Ali

National Personal Wellness Coach




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