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Rarely sunbathing? Be careful with the onset of diabetes!

How many times have you basking in the healthy morning this
week? If you are among those who rarely take the sun is
trapped by a routine work in the morning, be careful with the
onset of diabetes that can arise at any time.
Reporting from dailymail.co.uk , vitamin D deficiency
was not only bad for bone health, but also with the metabolic
system of the body , especially the system glucose metabolism
in the body. If glucose in the body can not be processed
properly, there will be an increase of insulin, leading to

“When the morning sun in the body, is directly converted into
vitamin D by cells in the body. Then vitamin D will serve to
control the function of the whole body and systems, including
system metabolic “said Dr. Manuel Macas Gonzlez of the
University of Malaga, Spain. “The system is smooth metabolism
will not increase the fat and sugars have not been used. So
will be obese which can lead to the onset of diabetes.”

“We found in the body of obese people who have diabetes and
found that levels of vitamin D in the blood is higher
compared to patients with diabetes,” he added.

In addition to these benefits, vitamin D also helps control
causes calcium strong bones and muscles and can boost your
immune system. Vitamin D alone can be obtained from fish oil,
eggs and milk. However, most injection of vitamin D is from
exposure to sunlight of healthy morning.

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