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Raw Food Gardening

Most Americans are on a mission these days to improve their overall health. Some focus on their blood pressure, cholesterol or their diets. What if changing your diet could lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, lower heart disease risk and allow an overall healthy you! Would you try it? With spring time right around the corner and our health on our minds raw food gardening may be what you need.

Raw food, what?

As kids we learn that the FDA guidelines with the Food Pyramid. We know how important it is to incorporate so many servings of fruit, vegetable, meat, grains, etc into our diets daily. However, with the ever increasing costs of foods today, who can afford to eat healthy? What is why starting a raw food garden benefits your wallet and your health! Raw food gardening is when we plant a garden full of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be eaten right out of the garden. These gardens are organic, so no added chemicals to help the process along. Having fresh, vine ripe tomatoes, and untouched carrots to boost brain power is important.

Cost and Time?

We live in a society that is always on the go so how easy is it to maintain a raw food garden? First off, realize that the cost of the seedlings is quite minimal compared to what you will be paying for organic goods in the grocery store. The most time will be at the beginning when the dirt is tilled and the seeds are planted. However, after this just some TLC of sunshine, watering and occasional weeding is necessary. Your family will really reap the rewards of a beautiful lush garden all summer as long as it is maintained.

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A raw food garden really is not as hard as some might think to start and grow. Seeds can be purchased online or in most stores very inexpensive. Be sure to do a little research as to when the best time is to plant certain vegetables to gain the biggest harvest. A raw food garden is the most natural way to get fruits and vegetables in your diet easily. So this Spring, take the kids out and plant a raw food garden, with some love and watering enjoy the harvest after a few weeks!

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