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Schooling with a Difference for Children

Working parents and nuclear families are the byproduct of expeditious pace of urbanization and consequent cadence in social environment towards higher income and self actualization needs. This is creating a paradigm shift in the dynamics of parenting and child nurturing. In order to fill this gap the playschools and daycare centers are emerging with a two-fold purpose which are to shelter and take adequate care of the child.

When the parents leave for office and also to initiate their learning process through fun and play mode which conforms to the modern canons of child psychology. It is an ideal and suitable approach considering their age. Thus, playschool in Bhubaneswar prepares a secure and stimulating environment for the children in order to facilitate their holistic growth.

An Ideal Environment

It is a foregone conclusion that a playschool environment must be very carefully designed and administered for providing a safe and dependable nest for the young ones. The kitchen and washroom especially should be immaculately clean and hygienic. There must be adequate numbers of care providers in order to maintain a healthy ratio between them and the group of children assigned to them fixed based on the age group of the child.

The parents of these children might want to check the playschool staff background, qualification, license and experience certificate. Moreover, proper medical provisions and security and play arrangements are also mandatory for the children. In fact playschools are expected to maintain a time table, nutrition chart and play curriculum for the children.

The objective of the playschools goes beyond filling the hours during their parent’s absence. It is also aspires to sow the seeds of future education by preparing the bedrock with elementary learning.

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Shaping Cognition

Playschools operate in a very unique way because they have to deal with children who have a mind of their own and do not think like adults at all. In fact at this stage of their lives they are usually incapable of responding very pragmatically or rationally. They are far from reasoning and closer to their instincts and emotions. Their minds are highly impressionable which absorbs the sights, sounds and impressions of his/her surrounding without any discretion or judgment.

Based on this precept k playschool in Bhubaneswar  engages them in productive activities and plays and try to keep them happy and active all the time so that their memory bank is filled with as many positive impressions as possible. Initially the games harp on the development of their motor skills which can be facilitated by giving them physical activities which are appropriate at their age for better muscle coordination and expedite the development of body balance and stability.

It has also been observed that one of the significant benefits of the children attending preschools is their ability to learn social interaction faster than their peers who do not attend preschools. It is naturally far easier for these children to acclimatize themselves with foreign ambiance and mingle with their surrounding comfortably. These preschools play a pivotal role in shaping their lives.

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