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Seal in Moisture More Effectively with Sea-buckthorn Oil

There are several other oils listed above that works
well for moisture sealing of such shea oil,
E oil
sunflower oil

rice bran oil
oil Monoi but hawthorn
buckthorn sea is particularly effective for this. In
addition, it can help with scalp problems when combined with

sea buckthorn is also known as
Hippophae rhamnoides (try saying that Fast 5 times)! Berry
has the same level of vitamin E as wheat germ and three times
more vitamin A than carrots. It also contains omega-7 fatty
acids, a very unique acid. Sea-buckthorn oil can be extracted
from any seed or fruit pulp. Despite coming from the same
source, the composition of essential fatty acid for each is
different with berry oil has a higher composition of
fatty acids
. The pulp oil also has a high content of

The seed oil is a light yellow color, while the pulp
oil is a darker shade of orange, slightly resembling the
color of palm oil. It has been suggested that the oil
extracted from the berry is better, but there is no
scientific proof of this. You can try both and see which
works best for your hair.

Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

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Using oil Hawthorn buckthorn

  • Before combing the hair, pour a few drops into the
    palm of your hand, rub together and apply to wet hair after
    it has already implemented Check out their products. Work
    through, stirring and style as usual.
  • The best companion oil
    -espino yellow
    is the seed oil of Granada. Combine
    equal parts of the two together and used as oil scalp
    massage to nourish and strengthen the follicles.

DIY Pre-Poo oil

This mixture of oil hair nourish, replenish moisture
lost and keep the moisture and brightness if used



mix all ingredients together, heat over a bowl of hot
and dry hair apply water. Massage the scalp and soften hair.
Cover with a shower cap and leave overnight. The next morning
wash with a mild shampoo and proceed with styling. You can
adjust the recipe based on the length of your hair.

The image below is from a friend of mine who lives
in Latvia. Those are coated pralines buckthorn cornflower.
They look so darn delicious!

Cornflower coated sea buckthorn pralines

Key data :. Oil sea buckthorn was
used to cure blindness in horses

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“Seal in Moisture More Effectively with Sea-buckthorn
Oil”, first published on naturaloilsforhair.net

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