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Seasonings Tips – Old Bay Seasonings and Spike Seasonings

Out of the types of celestial seasoning tea, the bilingual teas seem to appeal mostly to Hispanic communities. These teas are called bilingual because they blend two different flavor like banana and apple, or cinnamon and apple, or honey and lemon, and so on. Another popular category of celestial seasoning tea is the dessert one. Some of the types included in this category are almond, English toffee and vanilla hazelnut. Whichever the category or the type, one thing is clear: celestial seasoning tea appeals to a wide range of consumers because quality and variety.

What are old bay seasonings? How can old bay seasonings be used? Just before answering these questions about old bay seasonings maybe we should see what old bay seasonings are. Well, old bay seasonings are blends of herbs and spices currently marketed in America by McCormick & Company. These old bay seasonings are made in the state of Maryland, in the Chesapeake Bay area where they were developed by a german immigrant called Gustav Brunn. The beginning of the old bay seasonings was in the 1940s. These seasonings are still very popular in this area. At the time, crabs were so abundant that bars in Baltimore, Maryland used to offer them free of charge and seasonings like old bay seasonings were created to get patrons to drink more beverages. Old Bay is just one of many crab seasonings created during those times, yet it is one of a few that survived to the present.

Of course Mexican food is also a delight to many. A Mexican salt free seasoning can also be home prepared and it should contain chili, onion and garlic powder combined with ground cumin. In case you like thyme, basil black pepper and oregano these can also be added to the blend.

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If all these tips related to seasonings spices and herbs are carefully followed, you will gain utter success in lengthening the life of you spices, herbs and blends.

Spike seasoning is delicious for your food and it can be purchased from any superstore generally speaking. It comes in boxes that weigh approximately seven ounces and one box is around five dollars each. If you are interested in what flavors it carries the main ones are garlic, lemon pepper and hot and spicy. Besides, if you are into healthy eating without salt there is a salt free version of spike seasoning so you can still enjoy the delicious taste that it promises. It does wonders when you add it to cottage cheese and egg muffins that people like so much at breakfast time. It is also recommended for the turkey meatloaf, for stir frying shrimp for preparing chickpeas and beef.

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