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Smoking Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Drinking Alcohol – Study

Smoking Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Drinking Alcohol – Study
As the debate on the legalization of marijuana continues in the
United States, a new study suggests that smoking the
controversial plant is about 114 times safer than alcohol.

Indeed, it was found that alcohol remains the most deadly drug
on an individual level, at least when it comes to the
likelihood of a person dying from eating a lethal dose. Heroin
and cocaine were the next most deadly substances, followed by
snuff, ecstasy and methamphetamine. The rear end to the rear
was marijuana.

According to the team of international researchers
behind the study
, published in the journal Scientific
Reports, “the results suggest that the risks of marijuana – at
least those related to mortality – were succeeded compared to
substances such as alcohol

“the results confirm that the risk of cannabis may have
been overestimated in. past, “the report said.” at least for
the endpoint of mortality, [margin of exposure] for THC /
cannabis in both individual and evaluations groups would be
above safety thresholds (eg 100 for data based on animal
experiments). On the contrary, the risk of alcohol may have
been commonly “underestimated.

As reported by
Washington Post
, the study results are not exactly new,
although they do confirm similar findings first reported a
decade ago. in a
last year separate story
, the Post said Wayne Hall of the
World Health Organization said it is almost impossible even for
those who smoke large amounts of cannabis have a drug overdose.

“the lethal dose estimated [of THC, the primary active
compound in marijuana] in humans derived from animal studies
is between 15 and 70 grams. This is a much larger amount of
cannabis that even a user of heavy cannabis could use in a
day, “Hall wrote last year.

Even alcohol is dangerous margin of exposure (MOE) relationship
is not it is quite surprising because, unlike heroin and
cocaine, is legal and more readily available and accepted.

advocates legalizing marijuana are welcoming the new study,
using it to suggest that the current US ban against drugs is
wrong and wrong, taking into account mortality rates associated
with alcohol and snuff – both of which are legal and easily
accessible for the elderly marijuana, meanwhile, is still
illegal at the federal level and largely illegal statewide. –
except in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and the District of

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Even researchers found that compared with other drugs, their
findings support the regulation of the pot as a legal substance
rather than a suspension.

“Today, the results point to the MOE prioritization of
management towards alcohol and snuff instead of illicit drugs
risk,” the report said. “The high values ​​of MOE of
cannabis, which are in a range of low risk, suggest a strict
approach to legal regulation instead of the current approach

Although the new study, the American Academy of Pediatrics

that marijuana should not be smoked by children
or adolescents, as there have been studies suggesting a link
between smoking youth and child development disorders.

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