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Soul Food Fight – For Healthier Soul Food Recipes

There’s a growing demand for healthy soul food among consumers that’s causing a race for healthier alternatives by book and website publishers. It’s a fight for superiority that’s never been seen before.  As a tradition soul food recipes have a long a storied history for taste and satisfaction. It has fed and nourished some of our nations greatest historical figures. For example, Martin Luther King loved it, Jackie Robinson adored it,  Muhammad Ali ate it while he trained, even President Barack Obama indulges.

Yes, as soul food history would have it,  this southern food  has the distinction of being one the most popular cuisines originated exclusively in America. It’s history goes back to the pre-civil war period. Originated by slaves, it has now evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Today it covers book publishing, manufacturing, distribution, and  even supports millionaire celebrity chefs as well as television cooking shows.

The only drawback to the popular southern cuisine is the health issues.  Cooks have traditionally prepared soul food recipes with high amounts of fat, calories and sodium.  Medical experts have found this can contribute to health ailments. For example, obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and  other conditions, especially if consumed in larger amounts.

This situation has caused a quiet competition among soul food recipe publishers, restaurants and manufactures to find healthier alternatives to the traditional southern recipes. In addition,  they must do it while still maintaining the taste and satisfaction generations have grown to love. A challenging goal by any stretch of the imagination, but today’s soul food cooking is getting closer to the goal. Consumers continue to reward those  who can meet this demand.  Health conscious consumers continue to drive this competition  as more people grow more concerned about their diet.

Many restaurants continue to adapt their menus to healthier alternatives. For example, most no longer use fat back, ham hocks or other high fat pork products to season their dishes. Instead more continue to turn to natural seasonings, such as onions, garlic, peppers and other herbs and spices. Still more have managed to use less salt for other alternatives such as sea salt or kosher salt, for example.

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This is a healthy competition among those in the soul food industry to find more health-friendly alternatives to meet a fast growing consumer demand. The ones who get their first will enjoy the financial rewards. I’ll keep you informed with the latest updates. Stay tuned.

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