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Soul Food Recipes: Why Soul Food Gets Healthier

Soul food recipes continue to get healthier. Find out what’s behind the growing craze and see how you can benefit from it right now.

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Soul Food Recipes: Why Soul Food Gets Healthier

Soul food recipes have turned from health danger to healthier dining, thanks to better ingredients and updated cooking techniques. The tasty southern meals your grandmother or great-grandmother fixed with love and caring may bring back fond memories, but they may have been the best for your health. The comfort southern food has traditionally brought is legendary. But a high price has been paid by those who were tempted to over indulge. For example, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other ailments related to diet.

Many soul food recipes have traditionally included high amounts of fats, salt and other artery clogging ingredients. For example, fat-back, ham hocks, butter were staples in most southern cooking of the past. In addition to the unhealthy ingredients, most of the cooking techniques have proven to cause a loss of valuable vitamins and nutrients in the cooking process.

In response to the growing demand for healthier alternatives, the recipes continue to adjust to a more health conscious consumer. The changes have worked to revitalize the popularity of southern food to the masses again. Medical professions have taken notice of these changes and give them a thumbs up in most cases as long as their not over consumed and a proper program of exercise is taken up.

The new changes for soul food recipes include healthier cooking methods. For example, stir-frying instead of boiling in larger amounts of water , which helps to maintain valuable nutrients and vitamins. Another change cooking change is baking or roasting meats instead of deep fat frying. This one action can reduce cholesterol levels up to 30-40% in the average adult when combined with a proper exercise program.

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Many southern recipes are now incorporating more leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and leaner meats in menus to meet the demands for healthier menus. Many soul food restaurants are including these changes in their menus and receiving rave reviews and compliments from critics and more importantly from customers. The biggest concerns by many critics with all these changes is how will they taste. With the proper seasonings, marinades and herbs, the natural flavors of soul food continue to please consumers. The trick is proper cooking techniques and seasoning that brings out the flavor and not drown it out.

As more consumers continue to request and demand healthier eating that taste good too, no doubt soul food recipes will continue to find ways to meet the demand. Many cooks continue to test new recipes with healthier ingredients that maintains the integrity and taste of your southern food favorites. Stay tuned for healthier changes.

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