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Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here Is Why!

 Stop Feeding Your Children Hot Dogs – Here Is Why!
There those days of incredible field as the July 4, when the
father would warm barbecue . The Fourth of July is the biggest
reason for sausage year, US WITHTHE demolishing a forecast of
155 million hot dogs.
Despite the fact that Americans consume hot dogs Throughout the
whole year, we consume a wait of seven billion between
Memorial Day and Labor Day.
Yes, what is the problem?
As indicated in an article LA Times:
“The children who eat more than 12 hot month dogs have
nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia , an epidemiologist at
USC reported in cancer
daily. two other reports in the same issue of
the causes of cancer yControl to suggest that children born
to mothers who eat at least one calienteperro per week during
pregnancy have twice the normal risk of brain
desarrollartumores, like children whose parents ate hot dogs
antesla conception. ”

nitrates in hot dogs
Worried? You must be.

Q 😕 What is the problem with hot dogs
R: nitrite additives in cancer-causing agents hotdogs
structure [
Request to boycott nitrites. Independent TresEstudios have
resulted in the previous year, finding that lautilización hot
dog can be a danger element for childhood cancer.
Peters et al. considered the relationship between specific
food intake and the risk of leukemia enjóvenes from
conception to age 10 in Los Los Angeles County somewhere around 1980 and
the study found that children who eat more than 12 hot dogs
per month have nine times the typical risk of creating youth
leukemia. A solid risk for leukemia adolescenciaDel Similarly
existed for those children whose admission of hot dogs father
was 12 or more each month.
Specialists Sarusua and Savitzconcentrado in cases of
adolescent disease in Denver and found that niñosnacidos of
mothers who used to eat hot dogs or more times a week in
medioembarazo it has quite nearly double the risk of creating
brain tumors. Young people who ate hot dogs or more times a
week eranademás in greater danger of brain cancer .
Bunin et al, which is also the mother utilization of hot dogs
in the middle of pregnancy was connected with unapeligro
overabundance of childhood brain tumor.
Q: How could hot dogs cause cancer
[? A: the hot dogs contain nitrites as additives sonutilizado
essentially botulism battle. Amid the cocciónmetodología,
nitrites bind with amines typically carnepara structure shown
in mixtures of N-nitroso that cause cancer.
igualmentenitritos that can bind with amines in the human
stomach for estructurarmezclas N-nitroso suspected. These
mixtures are known carcinogens and tienensido connected to
the oral cavity tumor, bladder, throat, stomach and

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Q 😕 Some vegetables contain nitrites, make that
cause disease, so

A: Nitrites are usually found in many green vegetables,
especially spinach , celery and green lettuce. SerComo any
case, the use of vehicles has all the earmarks stop success
in reducing the risk of tumors. How is this possible? The
clarification is in the arrangement of the N-nitroso mixtures
denitritos and amines. Nitrites containing vegetables also
tienenLa vitamin C and D, used to suppress the disposition of
N-nitrosomezclas. Therefore, vegetables are actually
protected and solid, and serve to reduce their malignancy danger.
Q: Are there other food products contain

[? A: Yes, all meats contain nitrites. These incorporate
bacon and fish.

Q 😕 hot dogs are a
whole childhood cancer hazard

A: No. Not all hot dogs contain nitrites available. In light
of our day cooling techniques, nitritosActualmente are used
more for the red color that create (which esconectada with
freshness) to safeguard that. nitritosel hot dogs taste like
hot dogs nitrites, but have an earthy color queha restricted
his reputation among buyers. At the point when cooked, hot
dogs nitrites are protected splendid and solid. Hare are 4
things you can do:

  1. Do not buy hot dogs containing nitrites. It is
    particularly important that young people and parents do not
    eat 12 or more of these unameses hot dogs.
  2. demand that your grocery store has nitrites hot dogs
  3. Contact your school close together and find out if the
    jóvenesa which serves hot dogs nitrite in the cafeteria.
    Request that seutilizar hot dogs nitrites.
  4. Enter the FDA and express their concern that hot dogs
    nitrite not sonmarcada for its cancer hazard for children.
    You can mention the request of the PC in hot dogs, file #.
    0112 95P / CP1

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