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Switching to the healthy food!

Hi, everybody! 

I would like to share with you my experience of switching to the healthy food! Everybody talking that it’s possible to prevent a great number of serious diseases just by improving personal health habits. Eating right, staying physically active, and not smoking are a few examples of good habits that can help you stay healthy. Of course, it is not as easy as it seems! We live in a bad habit society, so it’s just hard to stick to the health way of life as there are so many mousetraps around us.

My life was full of struggle with the bad habits and it still goes on. I remember myself being a twelve year old girl visiting different doctors like dentist, cosmetologist, therapist and all of them were trying to push me not to eat sweeties, fat and fried food. I hate them for that! I was thinking it is kind of secret deal they concluded I order to keep candies from me! ))) 

It was hard to believe then that healthy food could be delicious. I few years later when I put on some extra weight on and I noticed my health and body were getting worse, I had nothing to do, but to agree with the doctors!

The first step I made was talking to my Mom and trying to make her realize that I need help! It was quite difficult I would say! The thing is my parents were quite healthy and didn’t have problems with extra weight till mid thirties! They could allow eating fat unhealthy food and stayed quite slim! It was all about the food when they were young! It was natural then without chemicals, GMO and so on. 

It was hard for them to believe I had problems with my nutrition at teen age.

Then I made some rules for myself that would help me to stay healthy and slim.

1) Eating the right foods and the right amounts of foods can help you live a longer, healthier life. Getting the nutrients you need, such as calcium and iron, and keeping your weight under control can help. Try to balance the calories you get from food with the calories you use through physical activity. It is never too late to start eating right.

Here are some tips I tried to stick to:

Eat a variety of foods, especially:

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Vegetables. Choose dark-green leafy and deep-yellow vegetables.  

Fruits. Choose citrus fruits or juices, melons, and berries. 

Whole grains, such as wheat, rice, oats, corn, and barley. 

Whole grain breads and cereals.

Eat foods low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, especially:


Poultry prepared without skin; lean meat.

Low-fat dairy products.

2) Weighing too much or too little can lead to health problems. After age 45, many people gain too much weight. You can control your weight by eating healthy foods and being physically active. Before choosing the right diet one should consult the nutritionist. It would help to realize what minerals lack in your body and what nutrients are better for you. Keep track of your weight. 

3) Research shows that physical activity can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity (excess weight), diabetes, osteoporosis, and mental disorders, such as depression. Physical activity also will help you feel better and stay at a healthy weight. It does not have to be some sport trainings just brisk walking can be just as good for you as an activity such as jogging. Try to do a total of 30 minutes of constant physical activity, such as fast walking, most days of the week.

Before you start being physically active:

Talk with your doctor about ways to get started. 

Choose something that fits into your daily life, such as walking, gardening, raking leaves, or even washing windows. 

Choose an activity you like, such as dancing or swimming. 

Try a new activity, like biking. 

Ask a friend to start with you, or join a group.  

Don’t quit:

Make time for physical activity, start slowly, and keep at it. 

If the weather is bad, try an exercise show on TV, watch an exercise tape in your home, walk in the mall, or work around the house.

The main to realize is that it is not only about changing the food you eat, it is more about changing your life style. Be active and try to listen to your body: it will show you what is good and what is bad for it. And love yourself, because your body is the main thing after your soul, so try to keep as beautiful and healthy as you keep your soul. 

Take care!

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