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Taking Care Of Your Skin During Cold Weather Months

Each season presents us with different challenges for our skin. Hot and cold weather effects us differently. When the skin perspires, this can result in prickly heat rashes as well as issues with acne and fungal problems. In cooler temperatures there are issues such as how to stop makeup from cracking and what to do for your skin for the holidays to make it look good despite dry and cool air.

In cold weather it’s useful to use a mild cleanser and not to dry the skin out too much. If you have a humidifier that can help your skin from drying out and cracking. Be gentle on your facial skin. It is sensitive and if it lose moisture you can get other problems. For instance, you can get a cold sore rash on your lips if your skin gets too dry and you have the herpes virus in your system.

People tend to drink less water in the winter, however this is a mistake. Skin flourishes with the right moisture conditions. Using a warm scarf over your face can protect it but that can also result in exposure to dirt if the scarf isn’t washed frequently enough. Also, the sun can still effect the skin during cold weather. Just because you are shivering doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t a danger. People can still get a sunburn despite the fact that it’s chilly outdoors. Wearing a sunscreen in the winter is imperative. Getting skin damage can lead to future problems and the removal of pre-cancerous and cancerous spots as one gets older. In addition, aging spots are another negative consequence of skin damage.

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Good nutrition and supplements are useful for the skin texture. Having a little bit of oil internally such as olive oil or canola oil are nourishing. Using masks with papaya or other natural ingredients can help the skin to exfoliate and become nourished. When you purchase products, get the ones that are suited for your skin type and not just what are popular.

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