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Teens, Snacks, and Healthy Eating Habits

Teens and their eating habits are often questionable; since
there is a significant problem with obesity in the United
States today, many parents are looking for methods that will
encourage their teens to make healthier food
choices. Today’s teenagers are seemingly less active
than teens of yesteryear; video games encourage a sedentary
lifestyle and many teens are engaging in less exercise and/or
outdoor activities. Thus, a super healthy diet is more
important than ever before and parents should encourage their
teens to work toward a balance of exercise and healthy food
Teens tend to turn toward typical snack favorites like potato
chips, colas, candy bars, and greasy, fried foods like French
fries, frozen or pre-made pizza, and ice cream
products. These items can be replaced with similar
snacks that taste just as good or, in most cases, even better
than the unhealthy snacks teens generally
appreciate. Instead of potato chips a parent can offer
banana chips; instead of colas parents can offer fruit juice,
and instead of ice cream parents can supply their teenagers
with frozen yogurt products. Candy bars can also be
replaced with healthy granola bar snacks which are equally
Parents may want to ration snacks so that a teenager doesn’t
over-consume healthy snacks. Some teens just don’t know
when to stop snacking and even too much of a healthy snack is
not beneficial to the teen. In many instances, snacks
can be placed in storage containers and bags and pre-prepared
for teens so that they are already in the correct, healthy,
consumable portions. By getting snacks prepared in
advance, the teen will appreciate the fast access he or she
has to quick, healthy snacks.
When teens come home from a hard day in school, they are
often hungry and looking for a snack to hold them over until
it is time for dinner. This time is an excellent time
for parents to encourage their teens to choose healthy food
selections. There are a variety of super fast snacks
that teens are sure to appreciate and such snacks place
little drain on a parent’s wallet. Let’s take a look at
some healthy snacks below.
If a parent has a hot air popcorn popper, snack time can
prove fun and hassle free. Hot air popcorn poppers allow
for the parents/teens to make a healthy snack that is not
made with oils and fatty ingredients. The popcorn can
then be mixed with other healthy snacks like nuts, almonds,
dried fruits, and/or raisins, too. The latter snack is
perfect for on the go teens as well: it can be placed in a
large sandwich bag and toted anywhere.
An afternoon icy treat is also something that teens can
appreciate. A mix of berries with a selection of plain
low fat yogurt, some ice, and a bit of honey for sweetening
can give the teen a super fast smoothie for an afternoon
snack. If the teen doesn’t care for berries, there are
plenty of other fruits that will work equally well.

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Consultant. She has been studying natural health, wellness,
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an MS in Natural Health from Clayton College. She is also
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