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TeleVantage products through True Data Technology

TeleVantage, an advanced telephone system superior to any other system of its kind. TeleVantage revolutionized client worker relations. TeleVantage allows companies to not only delegate consumer phone calls to correct departments, but TeleVantage also permits firms to control relationships thru recorded material, take note of what days and times need the most care to the consumer, as well as craft responses to clients that do not require the personal care that only shopper to worker interaction can provide. TeleVantage does what its acronym commends, the phone advantage. A company can’t say no thanks to the break of an advantage in purchaser employee relationships. TeleVantage brings worker client communication to the top of potency permitting supervisors to control efficiently their employees and the way in which they handle clients through phonephone relations. Scientifically superior, TeleVantage is a simple user-friendly system that will revolutionize the way companies deal with customer investigations. Economical and intuitive software, TeleVantage leads the way in call center technology.

With the number 1 technology in voice recognition and info organization. Have complete records of clients’ comments and inquiries from the calls they make to your company. Monitor employee interpersonal communication abilities with clients ; discover the sorts of skills staff must hone to make the best client service possible. TeleVantage not only betters client relations, but betters the relationship with business partners thru revolutionizing voice recognition directing business partners to the right office without sending important connections on a hunt for connection, instead TeleVantage will send them straight to the dept they are looking for saving time and cash and most importantly strengthening the impression business partners and clients have of you.

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TeleVantage supports a dynamic of client service, one of potency and user friendliness that has no comparison in price. With the guarantee of a better, better organized buyer relations and good prices a company would be gravely mistaken to turn down the possibility for such intuitive and efficient call center software. TeleVantage improved shopper and business relations greatly. Call center software with the best of voice recognition software which will not go out of date or become inadequate, carry many lines on your telephone systems and delegate what workers get those calls without overwhelming one empty over another with intelligent software that recognizes what employee is most perfect for the subsequent call. TeleVantage is the best voice recognition call center software out there and is the best option for small and large companies and businesses’Our company has used TeleVantage for the last two years and our employee potency has seriously improved because of it!’ – a real TeleVantage client. This phonephone system is the best on the market and no other compares to its capability and potency in the work place. Nothing else compares and no other call center system provides the quality service that TeleVantage does with costs that can compare and satisfaction from the day it is installed. Improve your employee client and business partner relationships now with the most complex call center technology available!

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