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The Best Foods to Eat When You Have Gout

Anyone who has had a gout attack will agree that it is probably
one of the most painful experiences that you can experience
ailment wise.  And the bad news is that if you have had
one gout attack, chances are you will have another.  In a
recent study conducted by cure-gout-now, the average chance of
a reoccurring gout attack was 76%.  Out of 100 gout
sufferers surveyed, it found that the average was 3 attacks per

So how do you prevent this from happening?  The answer is
in how an attack is created and ultimately in what foods you

Gout is a form of arthritis that can be prevented.  Your
body creates excessive amounts of uric acid.  The body
usually is able to eliminate and process this acid but when the
build up is too high, it enters the bloodstream rather than get
eliminated where it winds up crystalizing into hard sharp
deposits around your joints.

We naturally create uric acid but some of the created uric acid
is due to the protein we eat.  An enzyme that breaks down
protein creates the by product, uric acid.  By knowing
this, we know that we need to eat foods that can help:

reduce inflammation
eliminate excessive toxins in our body
aid our digestive system

Luckily, there are several foods that are good for those who
have gout attacks.  Below is a short list that will help
aid those who suffer from gout:

Cherries, Blueberries, Strawberries, ect
 Berries are a great natural uric acid neutralizer.
 They are also high in magnesium and vitamin C which aid
the digestive system.
Water–  In my opinion, water is probably
the #1 secret weapon to fighting and preventing gout attacks.
 Water helps the body eliminate toxins and waste quickly
from your body.  There is simply no better home remedy for
gout.  Most people will dismiss this advice but if you
have gout, you should drink more than your share of water.
Garlic–  Garlic is another great uric
acid inhibitor.  This super food will help you to regulate
your uric acid levels.  The secret is in the sulfur that
is contained in garlic (onions are another great food to
try)Afraid of stinking?  Take a tablet instead.
Good fats and oils- Surprised I mention this?
 The #1 thing missing in the standard American Diet is not
vitamins and minerals like many believe; it is the deficiency
in good fats like omega 3’s and 6’s.  You can get this in
fish, flaxseed oil, nuts other than peanuts (almonds, pecans,
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables– Most
fruits and vegetables have natural anti-inflammatory properties
in them that will aid with not only the pain of a gout attack
but speed along recovery. 

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This is just a small taste of foods that are the best when you
have gout.  A regular regimen of good, healthy food and
water with the appropriate mix of healthy fats and oils will go
a long way to treating and preventing gout.

You now know the best foods for preventing gout. For an in
depth look into what causes gout, including the top 5 gout
triggers, check out my site, cure gout now

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