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The correct amount of protein intake for building a worthwhile muscle mass

The body keeps on existing since it replaces its every defunct cell and hence, their components and also the organs and tissues they form. That’s a proof enough on muscle proteins being turned over constantly. Muscles build when the rate of formation of new muscle tissues outrun the breakdown; we may call it a recycling process that benefits greatly when extra sources are engaged.

Now, equally important are the many different nutrients other than protein, for the body to function correctly. Proteins are definitely the building blocks, but they need the mortar to hold the blocks at places. The carbohydrates and fats fulfill this purpose, but for now, let’s go back to proteins.

The muscles comprise 60% to 70% of the body’s total quantity of protein, but it gets used daily and the body then fills it up. So, the level remains constant; however, to help protein accumulation, the body must be given a higher supply than it can use. That shall make the muscles grow, since the body need not tax its natural system for replacing skin and blood cells, stomach lining or the liver cells.

Now, question remains, just how much is enough? In the sense, given that the requirement of every individual is different, there must be an average amount that applies to almost all. A roundabout correct figure can be obtained by doing a simple math. Multiply lean mass weight by 2.75, which will be more or less equal to an individual’s daily protein requirement.

Note: Lean Mass Weight is the collective weight of bones, muscles and organs. The formula to find it is as follows:

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Lean Body Weight (men) = (1.10 x Weight(kg)) – 128 x ( Weight2/(100 x Height(m))2)
However, for women, it should be 1.07 instead of 1.10 and 148 instead of 128.

Now, how to gain more muscle mass? How to have the necessary daily amount of required proteins to get bigger muscles ?

Well, you could eat tons of chicken and fish, but this is almost impossible. Moreover, this is quite exepensive!

This is why bodybuilding pros quickly turn to bodybuilding supplements in order to gain the required muscle mass. Quality bodybuilding supplements are made of whey, which is known to be rich in proteins.

If you really need the best of the whey, try to find a 80% or 90% whey protein isolate, this is the most effective form of whey proteins. Read some reviews on the internet or ask for more information in a fitness store (there are plenty of them) and then make a good choice.

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