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The Effects of Alcohol on the Family and When to Seek Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment is a very effective way for people to recover from their problems with alcohol, but what if you don’t think you have a problem? How can an individual tell if their drinking has gotten to a point where they should actually seek treatment? Sure, the recurring blackouts and arrests for driving under the influence are usually a pretty easy tip-off, but what about the more subtle, less obvious signs?

Below is a partial list of signs that can indicate an alcohol problem. If you or a loved one is answering yes to any of the items on this checklist, it might be time to consider looking into alcoholism treatment.

You know you’re in trouble with alcohol when…

  • You wake up in the morning and the first thing that you do is drink
  • Your significant other is threatening to leave you because of your drinking
  • Your friends or loved ones say you have a problem
  • You are not the same person anymore
  • You drink, and as a result of drinking you behave differently
  • You experience consequences from drinking such as fighting or DUI
  • You’re associating yourself with people that you wouldn’t normally associate with
  • Your eating and sleeping habits are poor
  • Your hygiene is poor
  • Your drinking is affecting your whole family

These are all signs that suggest someone is in trouble and may need alcoholism treatment.

The Effects of Alcohol on the Family

Another great barometer of alcohol abuse is how your drinking affects the other members of your family. If the drinking becomes an extreme issue between a husband and wife, it can result in divorce. However, there are less obvious warning signs that should be looked out for. For example, when an individual has a few drinks after work every night, and their drinking leads them to isolate themselves while they’re doing it. Most people would say that’s not a big deal and certainly not a cause for alcoholism treatment, but if the result of the isolation is they’re not spending time with and paying attention to their kids and family there is a problem. They’re likely not being a good father or a good husband, so their marriage begins to suffer and the kids become angry as a result of not getting the attention they need. This person by no means meant for these outcomes by just having a few drinks alone every night, but this is how quickly the disease of addiction can spread. Without realizing it, his drinking has affected every person in his household. When the negative effects of the drinking spread to family, friends, and loved ones alcoholism treatment should be considered.

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