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The Great Nutritional Supplement Company Ripoff

Do you know what the average price markup for all those fat
burner, muscle builder, and energy providing pills, powders,
and potions you see lining the shelves of your local health
food store is? Astoundingly, the markup from cost to retail
price averages anywhere from 30%-200% depending on the
popularity of the product. This makes a pretty good
argument for looking into the benefits of homemade

These days, with all the ingredient sources that publish
pricing on the Internet, it is amazing that so many people are
willing to pay these astronomical prices for products that you
can make yourself for a fraction of the cost.

How do the supplement companies get away with it? Marketing.
The major supplement companies have adopted some very
aggressive and, some might say, questionable marketing
techniques that prey upon our desires for quick fixes and
miracle pills.

Many of the major companies use tactics ranging from fake
testimonials to distorted research to push their products. Many
also focus on deceptive pricing strategies that actually have
you believing that a good supplement has to be expensive for it
to be effective.

And while nt all supplement companies engage in these deceptive
advertising practices, the industry as a whole has devolved
into a travelling medicine show promising the latest in miracle
diets, sex drive boosters, and anti-aging wonder pills.

What can you do? For one, learn to analyze the supplements
you’re buying. Make sure that you understand what’s in them and
in what quantities. Just because a pill claims to have miracle
ingredient A in it, doesn’t mean there’s enough there to do you
any good.

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Next, research the quality of the supplement. This means
checking into the reputation of the company, the quality of
it’s manufacturing process, and the source of the ingredients
used. Are they pure? Without knowing where they came from and
the processes they are put through, you just can’t know for

And finally, check out the prices of the individual ingredients
of any supplement formula you are thinking of purchasing. For
example, if I list the ingredients in the popular fat burner
Hydroxycut and price them out at an online ingredient shop, I
found that I could buy a 30 day supply of what becomes a
Hydroxycut knockoff for $ 5.

A 30 day bottle of Hydroxycut goes for over $ 50 in my local
I’m saving $ 45!

You can save a lot of money and ensure better quality control
when you start investing in homemade supplements and stop
spending big bucks for overly hyped supplement formulas. If you
do your homework, you can replicate virtually any product out
there at a fraction of the cost.

J.D. Bell is a former fitness and health counselor who
is now focused on being a first time father at age 45.

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