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The List Of Delicious Foods For Weight Loss

Foods can make or break you spirit especially when it comes to weight loss. What you munch play a very important role in your efforts to lose weight. Most of us think that foods for weight loss usually involves eating less tasty, low fat, low sugar low something foods and it’s just not fair. But it doesn’t have to be that way every single time. You see, there are still delicious foods that will actually help you burn those stubborn fats and eventually get you into shape. Here are some of them, according to a famous website called WebMd.

First are beans. These are really inexpensive, very much filled and versatile. Usually beans are the best source of proteins. One more characteristic they have is that they are rich in fiber which makes them tough during digestion. You know what this means? It means that you will fell full for a long period of time. And you don’t eat anything during these times. How great could that be, right?

Second is soup. Remember to start every meal with soup. You’ll notice that you will be eating less. You don’t have to worry about the kind of soup you’re going to prepare. It can actually be chunked or even pureed. Just make sure it’s broth based and it’s already good. Also, remember to keep the soup around 100 to 150 calories per serving. Yes, you’re right; forget about adding butter or cream.

Third would be dark chocolate. Nobody would hate chocolates and if you want to add it in between meals. Just take in a square or two of dark ones instead of the milk-based chocolates. Studies reveal that chocolate lovers who were taking the dark kind didn’t eat more pizza a few hours later as compared to those who munched on the milk chocolates. Be aware of picking up your chocolates because it can be the determining factor for your weight loss efforts.

Fourth would be Vegetables in Pureed form. You want to lose weight? Just add more vegetables to your diet. You can still enjoy your “cheat foods” but at the same time cut your calories. A study was also done at Penn State and they found out that people loved to eat pureed cauliflower and zucchini to their mac and cheese orders. The good news is that they were actually taking in around 200 to 350 lesser calories. Isn’t that great? Tasty and healthy at the same time is the best combination we are looking for.

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Fifth are eggs and sausages. Pump your breakfast with tons of eggs and sausages and you will resist all the other foods for the rest of the day. A study was made to a certain group of obese women. For those who started their day with 35 grams of protein, more than what we usually eat; felt a lot fuller right after. The total caloric intake they’ve consumed was around 350 and in included some eggs and sausages. The effect of the high protein intake lasted until the evening and the good thing is that the women ate less sugary and fatty foods.

There are more foods out there and the list above just proves that foods don’t have to be that bad when you’re into weight loss.

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