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The Missing Link in Nutritional Supplements

When I counsel people about nutritional supplements, I find
that people often have the complaint, “Nothing is happening!”
They report this after taking the supplements for a few weeks
or a few months. I almost always find this amusing because they
are experiencing what I call “the missing link.”

The Missing Link

What’s the missing link? When it comes to nutritional
supplements, the missing link is what people “miss” when they
look at what’s changed about their health. Most people notice
when something positive occurs, such as an increase in energy
or a better mood. What they fail to notice, though, are the
health challenges that are no longer present (i.e., the ones
that are now missing). Those are the missing links.

When I counsel people about nutrition, I have them complete an
intake form listing all of their health complaints and issues.
As the weeks go by, I also have people journal about any
changes they notice about their health. Some of these include
the effects of toxins leaving their body — such as bad breath,
skin eruptions, and even diarrhea — while others are more
positive, including more stamina and mental clarity.

When someone tells me that their new supplements and
nutritional regimen are having no effect, I ask them to review
their intake form to see if they can identify any missing
links. Most of the time, people are surprised to realize that
many of their previous health complaints are no longer present.

A Case in Point of the Missing Link

For instance, I recently counseled one lady who felt her
program wasn’t working. She had started a nutritional program
that included high-quality blue-green algae, enzymes,
acidophilus, and bifidus. I thought it unlikely that these
powerful nutritional supplements were “doing nothing.” Upon
reviewing her intake form, she realized that she no longer
suffered from weekly headaches, and that her back pain was
greatly reduced. It may seem odd that she didn’t immediately
realize such a change in her health, however her experience is
fairly typical. She, like many of us, was so busy every single
day that she didn’t notice much about her health unless a
symptom was so painful or annoying that it interfered with her
daily routine. She was aware of a headache when she had one,
but failed to notice the lack of one. Interesting, isn’t it?

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The Moral of the Missing Link

The moral of this story is that before you begin a new health
regimen, take stock of your current health. Take pen and paper,
and do a mental review, starting at the top of your head and
ending at the bottom of your feet. For instance, starting with
your head, jot down whether you have headaches, eye strain,
hearing problems, mental confusion, sinus congestion, teeth
sensitivity, skin problems, or poor-quality hair. Do this kind
of careful review for each area of your body.

As you start your new health regimen, whether it be taking
supplements or engaging in a new exercise program, journal
about any changes you notice. These could include changes in
your weight, mood, skin condition, bowel movements, ability to
sleep at night, or daily energy level. After a few weeks or
months, go back to your intake form and compare your health
before and after. You maybe surprised at what you discover. You
may find a missing link or two.

In addition to helping you clarify how your new health regimen
may or may not be helping you, this process also helps you be
more aware of your physical and mental health in general.
Awareness is always the first step to good health, so engaging
in this process on a regular basis is a good idea. Think of it
as your own brand of health insurance!

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