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The Most Common Pet Infections and Pet Medications

Our pets are our best friends. We love them and their company and they have an unconditional love for us. And when one of them gets sick, it can be just as tough as having to care for a sick child. It’s also just as stressful. Infections are the most common health issue in dogs and cats, as well as many other animals you may have as a pet. There are a few common ones that you should look out for and basic medications you should get to treat them.

The first common problem is an ear infection. If your pets ear seems to have a discharge, any swelling, or if it seems painful to your pet when touched, it could mean there’s a serious problem. Most infections are due to a build up of wax, but can also be an allergic reaction. The infection can be bacterial, as well as caused by yeast or ear mites. Each of these problems would be treated with antibiotics, anti-fungal pet medication, or anti-parasitic meds like Mita-Clear respectively.

Another problem you may see are eye infections. The most common and easy to spot symptom is excess discharge. All pets have a discharge build up, just like human do. But if it seems to be a different color, mucus-like and more excessive than usual, it should be checked out. Overly watery eyes is another thing to look out for. Antibiotics will have to be prescribed such as terramycin, but an eye wash for pets will help ease their discomfort in the mean time while the infection clears up.

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Urinary tract infections are common in cats but also can occur in female dogs. The infection affects them much the same as it would in a human. Your cat or dog may whine while try to go to the bathroom, usually letting you know they are feeling discomfort. If there seems to be redness around the bladder area, a stronger urine smell than you are used to and they are drinking far more water than usual, it’s pretty apparent a UTI is the problem. This can be treated with antibiotics as well as a change dietary habits. They can also be given over the counter pet medication to ease the pain in the meantime like Cranberry Relief.

Lastly, upper respiratory infections are as common in cats and dogs as humans. They too can experience symptoms of sneezing, runny noses, and even a cough. It’s most likely to spread from animal to animal, especially in shelters, so it’s not uncommon to adopt a pet and come home only to find they have a respiratory infection. Never leave a respiratory infection untreated as it may lead to further complications like pneumonia.

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