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The One Thing You May Not Know About Diabetes

More than 24 million people in the United States alone suffer from diabetes. A disease in which the body can’t properly regulate blood sugar, diabetes is characterized by insulin deficiency and excess sugar in the blood and urine.

That much you know. But what’s the one thing you may not know about diabetics? Those affected likely have difficulty asking for help. Let me explain.

The word insulin comes from the Latin word insula meaning “island.” This refers to the “Islets of Langerhans,” which are the clusters of cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. In his breakthrough book on mind-related causes of disease, Messages from the Body, Dr. Michael Lincoln suggests that individuals with diabetes are “islands unto themselves”-that is, “from birth they learn to fend for themselves. Basically, they feel they have to rear themselves.”ยน Therefore, when they’re not able to find nurturance, relevance, or validation from outside themselves, they become self-made. This process is likely to be traumatic, which reinforces a probable belief that there’s no sweetness in life.

Let’s examine this connection between the physical and emotional. Food that’s eaten breaks down into glucose or sugar and enters the bloodstream. Insulin helps glucose move from the blood into the body’s cells. Indeed, insulin and glucose work together so the cells can make energy from food. If individuals harbor the belief that they have to fend for themselves-they feel alone and have no help-then it sets up the mindset of “no help available” and may interfere with the insulin helping the glucose do its job.

The constant repetition of this internal message-“there is no help so I have to fend for myself”-shapes a diabetic’s experiences and ability to regulate insulin. Therefore, individuals with this disease need to learn to ask for and receive help from others, and do it joyfully.

I call this realization a soul discovery, which is something their souls have come on earth to learn.

Mary and the MO Technique

To assist people not only in identifying their specific soul discoveries but in healing the diseases they experience, I’ve developed a process called the MO Technique. As Mary, my diabetic client who’s used the MO Technique, wrote to me: “I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that diabetes is emotional but they think I am crazy. Yet I’m always impressed that when we’re having a good time together at a family party, I can eat all the things normally denied me and the next morning have normal or near-normal blood sugars. Other times when I am strictly on the ‘diet,’ my sugars are high. Maureen, you have just validated my thinking.”

A woman in her 70s, Mary has always had a hard time asking for help because she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Her motto is: “I can do it myself, thank you very much!” With the MO Technique, she was able to see that, underneath her stance, she was afraid of not being able to take care of herself. “Relying on somebody else makes me feel inadequate and weak,” she admitted.

The MO Technique helped her get in touch with negative energy that prevailed in her low back. She was guided to use the power of her imagination to release that negative energy out of her body. Resting in a relaxed state that allows the conscious mind to get out of the way, Mary was asked, “What would it be like if people loved to help you and you could receive their help with ease?” Her answers: “Life wouldn’t be such a struggle. I could enjoy everything more. I could lighten up and things would be easy. I’d feel free and full of energy. I’d be more relaxed.”

After she identified these positive elements, I had her put them into an imaginary ball of energy and fill up her body with resulting energy. I told her to really feel it, to become that positive energy. Then I asked her to come up with her first memory of not being able to ask for help and feeling like she had to fend for herself. She remembered that, at age six, her older brother beat her up and she felt too small to defend herself. But no one wanted to hear about this beating, especially her mother. That’s when Mary decided she had to become tough and fend for herself.

Then I had her envision the same scenario in a different light. She changed the story so that she heard her mother say, “Mary, you can always come to me for help. I’m here for you. You are my precious little girl and I love you.” As Mary imagined hearing those words from her mother, she began to cry. That’s when I asked, “If that scenario had actually happened, how would you have felt?”


Relaxed “At the Soul Level”

Mary’s story shows that being aware of how we’re programmed and then seeing a hurtful situation in a different light changes our perspective. When we get relaxed at what I call “the soul level,” we can release our subconscious memories (which are just energy) and replace them with positive energy of the memories that we want. So to help Mary turn her new perspective into a habit or pattern, I instructed her to repeat this affirmation for the next 40 days: “People love to help me and I receive help with ease. I value and nurture me. I feel free and full of joy.”

Referring again to Messages from the Body, Dr. Lincoln states that pancreas problems stem from individuals not believing they deserve love. Feeling guilt and a lack of value, life has lost its sweetness. This lack of sweetness and a deep longing for “what might have been” may cause malfunction of the pancreas because the pancreas requires the emotion of joy to function properly.

Add to that, 75 percent of daily glucose consumption occurs in the brain where its job is to boost cognitive performance. The brain then transmits the glucose to other sites, such as the heart muscle, red blood cells, and skeletal muscles, for proper functioning. Thus, subconscious thoughts in the brain become extremely important; they guide how the glucose will be distributed.

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This tells us we must feel joy on a cellular level for our bodies to “know” they hold the sweetness needed. I’m acquainted with diabetics who have experiences that would normally bring happiness, but they can’t feel uplifting emotions because of their programming. Yet the body needs to feel joy-perhaps in euphoric proportions-for the pancreas to function properly. If one’s lack of joy doesn’t show up as diabetes, it may masquerade as a weak immune system or muscle dysfunction or heart disease, which is the number one killer in the United States.

Fortunately, we can instill joy into cellular memory using the MO Technique, just as Mary did.

How Patterns Can Erupt into Disease

Feeling alone with no help and without value can set up a pattern that may be present in all disease when resentment and anger/rage build in the body. Powerlessness and not feeling valued indicate that self-love is absent. The resulting negative, unloving thoughts and feelings feed both the subconscious and conscious mind. Accumulated day after day, they form a basic conviction that becomes a person’s reality. Because of the universal law that like energies attract each other, more of the same type of energy emanates. This negative energy can erupt in reaction to an adverse event (like an accident or family issue), which in turn can trigger a disease in the body. That’s beneficial if the disease motivates the person to understand what the disease is saying-in the case of diabetes, how to feel valued, joyful, connected, and willing to ask for help.

Looking at what’s happening physically, the pancreas breaks down food by secreting enzymes and hormones that help regulate carbohydrate metabolism. One of these hormones is insulin. The two types of tissues most affected by insulin are muscles and fat, which play essential roles in movement, breathing, and circulation.

Literature about diabetes emphasizes that lack of exercise (muscle cells) and being overweight (fat cells) are factors in causing this disease. But think about it. Both being overweight and failing to exercise can signify self-rejection and lack of joy in a person’s experience. For example, one client reported that after she had gastric bypass surgery and lost weight, her diabetes went away. But why? Was it because of the weight she lost or her joyful feeling of finally losing the weight and having the help that allowed the insulin and glucose to work together?

Consider that characteristics of pre-diabetes include elevated blood pressure, disturbance in cholesterol, and increased weight. Imagine that if pre-diabetics dealt with feelings of self-rejection and lack of love and joy at that point, developing full-blown diabetes might never happen!

Being healthy and joyful can reduce the craving or emotional need for sweet, high calorie foods.– Maureen Minnehan Jones

End the Balancing Act of Insulin

For people who are diabetic, injecting insulin becomes a continuous balancing act. Determining the right amount of insulin to give the body depends on what and how much they eat, how much exercise they do (or don’t do), physical stress levels they have, and possible infections or surgeries they endure. Injecting insulin seems like far more work and much less fun than “injecting” self-love and joy into our minds and our lives!

Once their soul discoveries are identified, people might heal their diabetes before severe chronic diabetic complications occur. And besides, who would want to invite a stroke, heart attack, blindness, vascular and nerve damage, or kidney failure into their lives?

Remember, all thoughts, feelings, and memories of events are stored in the cells of the body. Some get entirely suppressed; others lie below the level of consciousness and aren’t easily recognized. The MO Technique makes it possible to tap into the subconscious where suppressed or unrecognized emotional pain can be released-just as Mary did.

Seems Simple to Apply

If you embrace the MO Technique, you may be able to throw away the syringes or pills and, in the process, learn your soul discoveries and discover your soul’s purpose by understanding and curing the disease you carry. One effective way-the MO Technique-seems simple to apply, and it is. You tap into your superconscious where you can see truth at the soul level and instill that truth into cellular memory. This process signals the body that you’re learning the message your disease has presented to you-and leads to improving your health.

How can something so simple prevent and assist in healing diseases like diabetes? I believe it’s because the essence of your soul is pure love. Tapping into this pure love and then instilling it in your body through the subconscious mind allows healing to occur naturally.

If you have diabetes, then learn what it’s trying to teach you about your life. And if you know others who have it, do what can you do for them. Be there for them. Value them, love them, and offer your assistance. Tell them they don’t have to fend for themselves anymore, that you’d love to help them so they can help themselves heal.


Insulin doesn’t heal diabetes. However, releasing the lack of joy, not feeling valued, not asking for help, and embodying the soul’s message of self-love and joy may allow physical healing to happen naturally. After all, having love in your life creates joy. Maureen Minnehan Jones

1 Lincoln, Michael J., Ph.D. Messages from the Body: Their Psychological Meaning. Talking Hearts,rev. 2006, p. 173.

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