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The Secret Of Good Health

As is well quoted by World Health Organization, Health is a
state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. With the same
vision in mind VitaMedica offers the widest range of wellness
product line with more than half a million products on platter.
Led by Dr. David H. Rahm, the M.D. Founder and Medical Director
and VitaMedica author, VitaMedica excels in effectively dealing
with the day to day stress and fills-in the diet gaps by
providing supreme quality nutritional supplements thus ensuring
they get healthy lifestyle. In the beginning it started with
only a few basic supplements like minerals, anti-oxidants and
multi-vitamins but over the years as the research progressed,
VitaMedica reformulated its product line and got better and
better as new wellness products were also added to the list.

As an answer to the demands and needs of thousands of aesthetic
plastic surgeons and patients all round the globe, VitaMedica
brings to you the latest breakthrough in recovery creams with
their latest arnica cream which comprises of a matchless
contemporary combination of botanicals and Homeopathic Arnica
Montana plus vitamin K that contributes in trimming down
bruising and swelling and enhances blood flow to bruised
tissue. Their liposome nanotechnology transdermal system makes
certain the release of active ingredients to the skin. Its
unique Silicone base provides a neat, silky-smooth feel.
Enhanced results have been attained by many when this state of
the art best arnica cream is used in combination with
Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30X tablets.

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This best arnica cream comprises of several ingredients which
offers guaranteed relief from the bruises and pain. Studies
have confirmed that vitamin K present in the recovery cream
speeds up the resolution of bruising resulted due to cosmetic
surgery or injury. Phytosome plant sterols helps in reducing
vascular permeability, swelling and edema and Vitamin C ester,
horse chestnut, hesperidin, grape seed extract and comfrey
strengthens the capillaries and recovers micro-circulation to
the bruised tissue. Chamomile has been seen to provide a
cooling, soothing and refreshing effect.

This Recovery Cream is idyllic for the swelling and bruising
that generally results due to surgical procedures especially
facial surgeries like rhytidectomy (face lift), blepharoplasty
(eyelid surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose job). The recovery cream
is effective in the treatment of non-surgical procedures too
such as laser and fractional resurfacing and strains and
sprains and sports injuries as well.

The recovery cream should be used immediately after the surgery
or injury and its use should be continued until the bruising or
discoloration subsidies. Daily application of the best arnica
cream, thrice a day is seen to bring tremendous relief to the
patients. This best arnica cream is produced in harmony with
the guiding principles of Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia United
States (HPUS) that guarantees quality and effectiveness of this
recovery cream.

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