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This is the magic of the baby invited talk in the womb

mothers and mothers of children the pleasure to invite to
speak, Although the baby was still curled up warm in the
womb. It is for many people is a common thing that is done
for personal enjoyment. However, a study shows that invites
baby in the womb conversation turns brings great benefits,
especially for baby’s brain development.
Recent research shows that talking to the baby in the womb
will improve their language skills when the baby is born and
in adulthood. Mother’s voice is heard by the baby in the womb
is one of the first sensory experiences experienced by
babies. It is very useful in the development of listening and
speaking, as well as the ability to speak after the child is
born later.

Researchers have long known that the fetus can feel heartbeat
of the mother and hear her voice. However, researchers do not
know what benefits obtained at the sound of the baby from his

The results of the research conducted by researchers at
Harvard Medical School helps explain why the baby can
recognize some elements of language when they were born in
the world. Investigators learned later that the mother’s
voice is heard when the baby is in the womb affects the part
of developing your brain associated with language skills.

The study was conducted on 40 infants were divided into two
groups. The first group listened to the voice of his mother,
while others only sound in the hospital routine. As a result,
researchers found that babies know and recognize the voice of
his mother. In addition, babies often the mother’s voice is
heard in the womb have larger brains partly related to the
ability to listen and speak.

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Some experts now recommend that mothers talk to their babies
in the womb to help the formation and development of the
brain that controls hearing and language. Currently
researchers are continuing investigations to determine
whether the voice of the mother can be used to help the brain
development of babies born prematurely.

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