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Tips For Students Searching For Their First Job

Students find it challenging to obtain that very first job.
Employers shy away from hiring youth with no experience, so how
do you obtain experience when no one will hire you? Here are
tips to obtaining that first job.

Have a resume. It may look brief to start but here’s what to

1) Under a Work Experience heading list the responsibilities
you have had: for example, babysitting, yard work, assisting
neighbors, etc.

2) Volunteer Experience: This is a great heading to include.
Through your school, church or other clubs, there are many
things students participate in that are voluntary, yet require
commitment and responsibility employers are seeking. Ex: fund
raising, club participation, assisting seniors/teachers,
tutoring, etc.

3) Team Activities: Employers want to hire team players. Your
involvement in teams, through or outside of school,
demonstrates that you perform within this environment. Ex.:
Soccer, hockey, skating or swim club, basketball, etc. List all
team activities each year you participated. Team activities
aren’t just sports; it could be camp, debate clubs etc. This
rounds out your resume.

4) References: You can’t provide references from previous jobs,
but you have some great resources. From the list you created
outlining volunteer and team activities, list teachers, coaches
or supervisors in charge of those activities. Contact each
person and politely ask if they would provide a reference
letter for you with contact information. Advise them you are
seeking a job and most will be happy to do so. Collect these
letters and keep originals in a safe place. Make copies of the
letters and include with your resume.

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5) When applying for a job, don’t apply during peak busy times.
Early morning is best. Casual dress is fine (as if going to
dinner, but not to church). Be ready to answer questions about
your availability. Have a pen so you don’t have to ask for one.
Don’t chew gum. Shake hands and introduce yourself. When
leaving thank the person who assisted you. They will remember
you as polite and appreciative of their help. First impressions
last longest.

Good luck!

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