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Tips to Speed up Your Metabolism

We all know that metabolic rate is reduced along with your age, even if the numbers do not seem dramatic – 1.6% annually, but the result is visible in 4-5 years. With this the desire for comfort and a number of trends, such as lack of sex drive and increase of appetite. The idea is that we must not let ourselves overwhelmed by those bad habits and try to dominate them, resulting in strengthening self-esteem, increase energy and obviously have a beautiful and healthy body. Here are some tips for an incredible metabolism:

1. The first step is to increase the level of difficulty of the cardio-type exercise which contributes to your energy intake. With age, the muscle atrophies. In contrast, fat is more “expansive”, and this should not be permitted.

2. Eat less, but do not starve. There are some carbohydrates that we should stop eat after 40 years, such as sweets that contain more sugar and fat. Attention! Starvation or pills that inhibit appetite can cause metabolic disorders.

3. Keep a food diary, notes what you eat, that when you draw the line at the end of the day you must be consumed about 1,200 calories, 1000 if you want to lose weight.

4. Sleep regular 8 hours per night and take the last meal with 2 hours before you go to sleep.

5. Start the day with 20, 30 minutes of intensive workout, and after serves breakfast to trigger the metabolic activity.

6. In the morning eat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese,  cold beef or cold chicken, eggs and nuts for a high protein intake. For a good transit, cereals are ideal for, especially paddy, wheat and oats.

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7. Drink coffee or tea. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so you can improve by 5-8% burning metabolism. Tea drinkers say that drinking a cup of tea every morning helps increase metabolism by 12% that day.

8. Eat less several times a day. Eating five or six meals a day is better than to eat three times a day to because this will prevent hunger for a longer period of time and the body will always have something “consume”. Try not letting more than 4 hours between meals and making sure that every meal contains protein for a high metabolism boost.

9. Spice up your food. Some studies done by Laval University showed that people who add in their menu Jalapeño pepper or cayenne peppers have a much higher metabolic rate because they temporarily stimulate the body to produce more hormones such as adrenaline and thus increasing the body’s ability to burn calories.

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