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Top Ten Tips For Installing Half Round Guttering Or Square Guttering

Here are ten top tips when choosing half round or square

1) Square guttering is an excellent option for modern homes, as
it looks clean, simple and up to date. You can also purchase
matching square downpipes to complete the look. It provides a
higher flow capacity than half round, making it ideal for areas
of high rainfall.

2) Half round guttering can be fitted on all regular sized
homes, in areas of average rainfall. It is both economical and
hard wearing, as well as being practical and easy to install.

3) If you are unsure as to which is the best choice for your
building, then pay a visit to your local guttering supplier.
They will provide full compatibility charts and flow rates and
will be able to explain these in detail.

4) Measure up how much guttering you will need beforehand. This
can be done by measuring the lengths of the old guttering you
wish to replace. If you are replacing the whole buildings
guttering, then simply measure along the bottom of the wall.

5) Before installing your half round guttering or square
guttering, ensure you have all materials and equipment to hand.
There are many things to think about, other than just the
guttering, such as brackets, screws, adhesives and tools. It
helps to write a shopping list in advance, and then visit your
local guttering suppliers, who will advise you on any items you
may have forgotten . This can save any time wasting and extra
expense in the long run.

6) If you are simply replacing sections of guttering, then you
need to ensure you have purchased the correct adaptors to fix
the new guttering to the old. Your local building supplies
company can provide you with the correct adaptors.

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7) Before fitting either Square Guttering or Half Round
guttering, first make sure you install the gutter brackets no
more than 1 metre apart to prevent sagging.

8) It makes sense to invest in extra screws, nails, brackets
and sealants at the same time you are purchasing all materials
for your guttering project. This means regular repair and
maintenance will be a lot easier. Professional gutter cleaning
equipment is also a good investment, and will save you having
to hire a professional company to carry out the work. It will
also mean that any future blockages can be dealt with

9) Consider investing in a flo guard, a piece of equipment
designed to fit over the guttering and prevent leaves and
debris from entering the gutter. This will make the twice
yearly cleaning and maintenance of your gutters much quicker
and easier.

10) Installing your own square guttering or half round
guttering can be done without any specialist knowledge.
However, if all of this sounds like too much hard work, or
simply too time consuming, then there are plenty of companies
who would be willing to look after the whole process for you.

Professional Building Supplies Ltd stocks an extensive range
of Half Round Guttering and Square Guttering, and can provide
expert assistance on compatibility issues, and advice on the
most suitable type of guttering for your individual

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