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Turns It Green Tea Health Secrets

Lately, green tea appears to be increasing. His name is often
listed menu restaurant or cafe. Demand explained much food or
drink with the taste of green tea sold out quickly invaded
the buyer.
Green Tea Whether because
they like the taste or already know the benefits, amateur
culinary experts to green tea. Whatever the reason, let’s see
the facts about the health benefits of green tea for which
quoted from the allwomanstalk.com .

You know, ladies, stress and pollution can cause the cells of
your body are subjected to free radicals? These free radicals
if not addressed could potentially cause cancer, you know.
Well, to avoid this is to eat a lot of antioxidants, and
green tea is rich in antioxidants.
Cancer Prevention

According to the study, consumption of green tea on a regular
basis can minimize the chances of getting cancer, ladies. But
of course, the guidance of medical personnel is also
necessary. Not everything that can maintain health is
properly tested?

Preventing heart disease
Diseases such as heart attack and stroke are the leading
causes of death. Well, green tea can lower blood cholesterol
levels, ladies, helping to prevent disease.

Some studies have found that green tea can reduce the
symptoms of type 2 diabetes, ladies. Unfortunately, other
studies have found no results that support. However, for the
sake of your health, it is better to replace the coffee with
sweet green tea, is not it? You can also reduce your sugar
Staying young

Green tea may also play a role sa anti-aging, ladies. The
content in green tea prevent damage to the skin. There are
many products that use green tea as the base material. But
the best way is still to eat with them directly.

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