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Twitter Tricks to getting more Traffic

We have all been there; at a point where we started a twitter account but seldom got any followers and even if we did manage to score a couple of them, they’d unfollow us for unknown reasons.

I too was facing the same dilemma on twitter, in the beginning, the no. of followers would increase 1 a day but I’d lose two in return. Why? At first, I was quite uncertain but then I discovered I was doing a couple of things the wrong way.

This social platform is quite easy to use for personal and business related purposes. All we have to do is upload an image and maybe add a line and a couple of hashtags or simply tweet a current topic and see followers keep adding up. Social Media Agenciescan help you attain more followers and more engagement on all social platforms. Such agencies usually offer affordable SMO services in Delhi NCR with guaranteed results.

If you cannot afford to hire an agency to help you out, here is what you can do

1.    Avoid only posting about your business. Followers aren’t that interested in a company that only brags about their services or their work. Instead, share someone else’s work and post random quotes or motivational ones.

2.    Post images or GIFs if you can. People love being entertained.  Note: Seek guidance from a 3d and 2d animation company in Delhi  if you do not know how to produce a video from scratch.

3.    Use catchy headings to lure followers to read your blogs or articles

4.    Retweet your competitor’s blogs or posts. You might get a ‘shout-out’

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5.    Tweet the same thing with a different heading, photos, and quotes. According to a survey, remarketing has done businesses a great deal of good.

6.    Think about the consumers as well. Come up with something exciting that will entice your readers or customers to engage in your posts.

7.    Don’t bombard your posts with hashtags. A cluster of anything is unattractive. I know I would be repulsed by the use of too many #tags and I found out that I lost most of my followers because I had been using #tags that only dealt with my business’s services. That’s boring! People don’t care about your services as long as you give them something they want and can relate to.

8.    Post at least three to five times a day, the more active you are on twitter the more chances that people will come across your work. Also, do not forget to emotionally appeal to your potential clients or customers. Try this strategy and see the no. of followers increase on your page. I implemented the same strategy and I only had 40 followers in the beginning which thenincreased to 200.

9. Ask questions about your posts or blogs. This will trigger a response in your posts.

10. Apart from that, if you are linking users back to your page you have got to ensure that your website  and web designs are up to the mark. If not then seek help from the top web development company in Delhi NCR– Coderang.

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