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Understanding Week 4 of Pregnancy

It’s this week that you might actually discover that you might
be pregnant, it’s about now that you would be expecting your
menstrual cycle to start but nothing is happening, instead you
might start to experience the early signs of pregnancy like
tender breast, slight nausea, extra tiredness, the need use the
toilet more often to name but a few.

At this stage you won’t notice the pregnancy showing as it’s to
soon to be gaining weight or for your figure to change in
anyway. You might have already done a pregnancy test or
possibly be thinking about doing one, most over the counter
test are 99.9% reliable.

If you have done a test and its positive you need to visit your
GP and make an appointment to see the midwife, there will be
plenty to discuss like scans, check how far along in the
pregnancy you are and advise you on what to expect and answer
any questions you might have. Also at this stage you will need
to start taking a folic acid supplement if you haven’t been
taking it already. Folic acid needs to be taken daily from the
time you start trying for a baby or as soon as you discover you
are pregnant up to the week twelve of your pregnancy. Folic
acid is one of the B vitamins which will help with the
development of the baby’s spine, so it also helps to eat foods
rich in folic acid.

This is also a good time to quit drinking, smoking and drugs if
you haven’t already done so, if you need any help or advise in
giving up speak to your GP or midwife who will point you in the
right direction. Remember the sooner you quit the better the
benefits to you and your baby.

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Your Baby

Your baby (the fertilized egg) is around two weeks old and is
growing rapidly at this stage of the pregnancy, it is embedding
itself deep into the lining of your uterus here the egg will
continue to divide and is called an embryo. At this stage your
baby is roughly 1mm, but its the early weeks where growth is at
its fastest. Enjoy these early weeks if you can.

Look out for future articles on week 5 and beyond.

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