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VoIP Pbx Solutions: Easy to Extend Phone Lines

With ultimate flexibility, mobility and security, the VoIP services are particularly ruling the traditional audio mode of telecommunication. In advanced voice over IP services, users tend to make long distance or international calls at affordable costs with excellent voice quality. As a matter of fact, users can make calls to mobile phones, landlines, or overseas numbers for a lot of less. With loads of features, VoIP is catering to people and entities from different spheres.

Depending upon usage and operation, the VoIP solutions have been found to cut down on monthly telephony charges by up to 50%. As a matter of fact, Internet telephony is based on packet switching protocol; this revolutionary technology allows users to share data, voice and video over a single line. With an IP telephony service in place, one can reduce the cost of calls as well as enhance call productivity. Moreover, users can add additional phone connections and extensions in their systems. Moreover, IP solutions have overcome constraints like locality and mobility that were faced in traditional PSTN services.

For availing benefits of virtual PBX, a basic architecture of PBX server has to be set up. This VoIP PBX system includes one or more SIP phones, VoIP phones as well as VoIP gateways. The benefits attached with using an IP PBX system includes:

1. Reduction of call costs
2. Easy and efficient long distance or international calls
3. Easy addition of phone connections and extensions
4. Add-on advantages such as hot desking and roaming

The IP PBX phone systems are easy to install. They provides hassle-free usage and functionality over the traditional PSTN services. Importantly, with virtual PBX, users can reduce long term operation and maintenance cost. Users must opt for IP PBX providers, who offer feature rich benefits like voice mail, call forwarding, call transferring, 3-way calling, call conference, DID Management as well as customised reporting.

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